CRAzy things happened today.

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    ok. its my senior year...and well....lets just say that i know the people in the office pretty well if you know what i mean...

    today we were all chatting and all of the sudden some guy throws something at us. we didnt see who it was though. but one of my ladyfriends did. she told me, and i told the others. then we went and confronted him. i didnt do any of the talking though. my buddy did. he was fukin pisssed. anyways... long story short... they were gonna fight about it.
    (i think its dumb but w/e) eventually..a big mob forms up and security sees whats going on. i guess he knew who was invlolved, cuz he took me and my other buddy aside and "chatted"

    maybe 10 min later, me and my buddy were talking about why he was going to fight, and when, and "what if this happens" or "what if that happens". you get the point.

    then we get tapped on shoulder by security and they say," go to the office." WTF. we were talking.

    so anyway...we get sent to different rooms, and then questioned for maybe 10min.
    after i was done getting questioned , i was told to sit on a chair in the office.

    i sat, and there were 4 guys sitting to my right. they all got caught up for blazing. i could tell cuz their eyes were red, and they had canabis pictures on their binders. and there was 2 cops talkin to them.

    so one of them says to ME," dooood you eyes are red."(i wasnt even high. my eyes are always red for some reason...) then...the the lady in the office just stares at me.(she was the same one who busted me years before.) she then took me into a room and did a thorough search of me, but she didnt find ANYTHING. i kept saying to her," man Ms.****** this is stupid. im not even high. i didnt do anything. blah blah."

    after that i was told that i could go. now it gets CRAZIER.

    after skool me and my buddies walk out the front gates and i say," dood look... a cop."
    then a buddy goes "look another cop." then i go" holy shit look at all the cops!"

    there were at least 10 cops in front of our school. and a helecopter in the air. O_O

    we heard someone tried to steal a car, and he had a gun.

    sorry for long post. O_O
  2. well at least u didnt get in any trouble

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