Crazy Stupid Things you did as a kid with MJ

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  1. A thread today reminded me of when I first grew and how absolutely stupid I was as a kid.

    I was wondering if any blades had similar hilarious stories.

    I planted my first bag seed when I was 14.

    I was so dumb back then that I grew the plant on my windowsill in the city with neighbors everywhere and my parents had no idea what it was. I had no idea how illegal it was and I'm lucky my parents didn't get arrested. I even kept a light (not even CFL since they didn't exist but a huge fluorescent stick) on at night and you could see the plant from the whole block out the window. Hundreds of people probably saw.

    It was a miracle.

    Maybe they all thought "nobody would be dumb enough to grow pot like that. it cant be"

    Turned out to be a male :mad: but it gave me lots of growing experience.
  2. A few years ago me and a couple friends hot boxed my car in the middle of an empty parking lot in the middle of a summer afternoon.

    We drove away as we rolled the windows down, letting yellow smoke out into the sunset.

    I still don't know how we didn't get arrested; cops around my way don't play.
  3. Thats awesome.
  4. I would be a lier if i said ive never done the same thing as you except with the light i use for my snake when it gets too cold im sure anyone that drove down my street saw what looked like heaven coming out of my room
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    I also remember it was in the days when the internet wasn't really around. You had to pretty much go to a library or university to find anything.

    I went to the library and printed a whole book about growing on one of those daisy-wheel printers. A chapter at a time because I didn't want the librarian to see. It didn't even have pictures so I couldn't tell a male from a female. I think I even have that book bound and sitting somewhere.

    Now that knowledge is everywhere and growing has taken off. F the DEA
  6. Hot boxing my car in the high school parking lot before class and driving my car while hitting the bong right by a police officer
  7. I mean, if you think driving on roads where a shooting range exists that cops frequent while smoking copious amounts of pot on nearly a daily basis is stupid or crazy, I'm guilty. Besides that, just posting up on a random log in a public park and smoking with friends was also pretty dumb, so many random people would bike by or just walk by lol.
  8. i was smokeing 2 blunts at this park,with like 6 ppl and then 2 cops pulled up.... we light our cigs so fast lol... he came up like im not fucking dumb u ingnorint assholes i know what weed smells like, then some kid tryed to throw his bowl and it hit the roof and he got his head smashes in a concreet wall like 3 times lol
  9. smoking in the bathroom at highschool
  10. sold it in school and got expelled.
  11. i had my mom drive me to my dealer and i bought a few grams. she dropped me off and called me 10 minutes later saying "are you doing drugs!!!???!!"
    "no mom, i was buying drugs"
    "oh ok good, i am glad youre kidding"
  12. Probably, lighting up right outside my school door. I put a pencil in the door so it wouldent lock, asked to go to the "bathroom" and ran outside with a pre rolled J and smoked the fastest ive ever smoked in my life.
  13. "overdosed" on cough medicine at school and had to be taken out by ambulance.


    In a 2 week period.

    fuck it erase the memory
  14. ive done dumb stuff that right now i cant just pin point but when i got my glass bong my friend was checking it out and held it up in the passenger window right as 2 cops drove by. his girlfriend was like WTF DAVE and she pushed it down. i would have been pissed if my new bong got taken away by the popo haha.
  15. Well back when i was grade 6 my friends i and bought a blunt off my neighbor, and smoked it. Then this really annoying kid who we all hated on his bike asked if he could smoke too. and we handed him a roman candle and said this is pot. and he lit the roman candle on fire and it started shooting fireballs from his mouth. good times
  16. probably going to high school, getting through 90% of the day and putting on my coat because its cold, and realize my bowl is in my pocket with about an 1/8th and just fucking reaks...

    also, driving up to ithaca ny to get some glass pieces, with a bubbler, my bowl and 1/4 of green in my car, my buddies hitting the bubbler and blowing the smoke out the window, i happen to look in my rearview and a cop is following us. ends up turning off the road, we get even more blazed, cant find the fucking commons, end up running the gate in a parking garage and smoking a quick bowl in the parking garage before hunting for some new glass in the commons, go through 3 head shops before we find one we wouldnt get carded at, get back to the car...have to explain to the guy we dont have a ticket. on the way back, trying to get some food, end up in the wrong lane and have to pull across 3 lanes of traffic to get into almost got sideswiped....

    Oh...driving through town (from a small country town in northern pa) with a broken headlight...get pulled over, just hotboxed with my buddy 15 minutes prior...the cop ends up being my dads friend i was drinking with and taking his money at texas hold em the weekend before...hah end up with a warning...

    all this was under 18.

    god i was fucking retarded.
  17. * I once left my pipe on my bed after blowing some trees in my room and was super blown, after airing out ther room I invited my lil sis in to watch simpsons and when she jumped on the bed, her hand hit my pipe and she picked it up and said "whats this?" and my response was " Oh! its my thing for the water" then she just lifted her eybrow and stared me down and after an akward silence, that heavenly sound of the simpsons starting played and she forgot about it. :p
  18. LOL. The pencil trick brings back similar memories.

    It's even funnier when you stepped out for a toke and someone random was already there blazing. They get all paranoid that you'll drop the pencil and start sprinting towards the door.
  19. Lol. God damn it i forgot about the time i went to the back alley and had my bowl with me in like some fuckin place like target or walmart sum shit like that I hit the bowl look directly up and see a fucking camera looking directly at me.

  20. haha dude that reminds me when my two buddies and me met up at this community center, got in his car and started passing around 3 pieces so were all hitting something each pass...bong, bowl, bowl...

    after 30 minutes we look up, and no shit, 20 feet away a women is looking out her house window at us and we freak....take off in my buddies car, drive a mile down the road and park.........smoke some more

    then realize we left my car and my other buddies truck like in front of the ladies house..

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