Crazy stuff happened to me tonight ha

Discussion in 'General' started by Stoooooner, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. So I didn't go out tonight because I have to wake up at 8 for work I went on a smoke drive on my own near the lake and smoked two large bowls...probably around .8g of some good dank, got high as a kite.

    I ordered a pizza from Dominos while still in my car near Lake Mich because they have $5 large one toppings, but I decided to get gas first. Well I went in and got sidetracked by the snack isle and ended up getting some chips and a pack of starburst even though i was about to get a pizza. Oh well. I payed for those things and gave the man $10 for gas. A black guy in front of my bought an entire box of swishers and sped off in a Caprice with HUGE rims. Well my high careless ass hopped back in my car next to the gas pump and drove away without pumping my gas. I noticed a few blocks away and u-turn'd it and went back, luckily no one had moved into my spot and I got the gas. I almost drove into the tire air machine too. Well I got it and left.

    I then proceded to head towards the wrong Dominos, and realized only after driving 4 blocks out of the way so once again I did a U-turn on this street and headed to the other dominos.

    When I got in he asked what my name was for pickup and I said "hmm? large pepperoni." and gazed off at the pizza ovens. Opps. He asked again and I picked up on it. I must have looked so dumb, haha.

    Then I got home and ate the pizza and chilllled.
  2. Lol....nice
    I smoked 2 large bowls of some dank ass dro with my boy from work and we get BLITZED and now I'm sitting here watchin SNL and bout find more food...already ate some fried rice.
  3. hhahahahaaha rep+ shit like that always happends to me

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