Crazy Story...stupid pigs.

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  1. So last night me and my boy were walking around my town, it was like 4:20 am :hello:. I know it's weird to be walking around that late but we were really blazed and needed to get to Dunkin Donuts. A cop drives by, I have my bowl on me, and we smoked out of it like 10 minutes earlier. Our town has no pedestrian curfew, but the cop stopped us anyway. She starts in with all the "what the hell are you doing out so late?" crap, and then tells us to get in the car because she's taking us to the police station.

    I said listen lady, we're not doing anything illegal or wrong. We're just walking, that's it, and it's perfectly legal. So then she starts taking about how there was a burglary in a nearby store and that it would be really smart if we came with her. If I wasn't so blazed, I would've ran, but we were messed up and got into the back of the car. I still had the bowl in my pocket, filled with resin.

    She drops us at the police station and says go on in, I'll be watching to make sure you go up to the front desk. As we're walking up the steps, I VERY quickly drop my bowl into a bush right next to me. Basically the cops called our parents, who had to come get us and were super pissed that we were out so late.

    Because of those stupid pigs I lost my bowl, and I'm sort of grounded for like 3 weeks. What pisses me off is the fact that they had absolutely no reason to take us to the station, there is NOTHING illegal about simply walking around at night.

    BUT! the sick part, the dumb pig hadn't realized that a wad of cash had fallen out of her back pocket before you sped off. 300 free dollars, anyone? :smoke: It fills me with joy to know that the blunt I'm currently smoking was paid for with a cop's money.
  2. How old are you? This story seems odd to me somehow..

    Edit: It seems odd because I think a cop has the right to get in touch with the parents of someone who's underage and out walking the streets at 4am.
  3. i call bullshit.
  4. Sounds like someone may be a minor..... :wave:
  5. why did you even get in the car, you know you have the right to say no?

    i would of been like "thanks for the warning, im only going a couple of blocks to Dunken and then going home...ill be careful...thanks"
  6. haha more then sounds like
  7. I bet you're like 14. There's no way a cop would have done that to you if you were even 16.
  8. Don't be so sure, I'm 19 but sadly I look quite young.

    Every time I'm outside and it's later than 2am I am pulled over and asked if I'm A) Running away from home or B) If I'd like to get in their car for a ride

    By the way, never take the second option unless your clean. It's just a way around your rights, they told me they have to search EVERYONE that gets in a police car to check for weapons especially if they aren't handcuffed.
  9. fixed that for ya son. . .
  10. It's called "Curfew". You get rid of that pesky thing when you turn 18. You'll know about that someday...

    P.S. Hahahahaha... They called your parents cause they found you walking the streets at 4am...
  11. Damm cops, gotta hate em . they always do that shit . But , with no curfew , and no illegal activity on yer part , why did you get sent to the police front desk ???

    oh and

    pic of said 3 bills ? ? ? ?

    or pic of crazy 3 bills o "pig" buds ????
  12. What cop carries 300 bucks on them while on duty ? What cop finds 2 people roaming around at 4am when a robbery was commited and doesnt search them before placing them in the car could have had a gun on you blew the cops head off while she was driving.. And your 19 ? That makes you an adult can walk anytime of the night all the way to Canada if you wanted....cant help but call bullshit on this one
  13. It was mikerelli saying he is 19, not the OP

    I agree with the "what police officer carries 300 dollars cash on them" inquiry. How would she drop 300 bucks out of her back pocket before speeding away? Am I missing something, because I'm very puzzled as to how bills escaped from her back pocket while sitting down in a car that you were somehow able to snatch :poke:
  14. Well, this should be an interesting thread. *grabs popcorn*
  15. haha nice :rolleyes:
    haha agreed, no way in hell would i have gotten in that car
  16. yea you write a good story....
  17. If this was a movie on rotten tomatoes it would get a 1%.
  18. How clever...
  19. [quote name='mikerelliftw']Don't be so sure, I'm 19 but sadly I look quite young.

    Every time I'm outside and it's later than 2am I am pulled over and asked if I'm A) Running away from home or B) If I'd like to get in their car for a ride

  20. **cough** bullshit **cough**

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