~Crazy Story~ Bong Named After That Night!

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  1. This story takes place about 2 years ago when I was 16. Me and my friend were stranded at my house on a saturday night. I had an eighth of some dank headies and a brand new bowl my bro had gotten me for my birthday, that I was saving to smoke on a special occasion. My parents have one rule, no smoking INSIDE the house, i'm allowed to smoke as much as I want on the back porch though. I couldn't though due to it being about 6 PM, meaning all of my neighbors would be able to see me. So I told my friend I had over to call his older bro and see if he wanted to get stoned and then go to the movies, and his brother said yes. I was jonesin soo much that as soon as we got in the car I packed a bowl.. I smoked bowl after bowl by myself because I was really enjoying my new bowl, and neither of my friends wanted to smoke until we got to the smoke spot. So we finnaly roll up to the spot (ghetto part of town) around 8-9 PM so its completely dark. My friends bro then pulls out a bong he had bought that day, it was tanish brown translucent. But there was a mod to it, my friend got one of those cup holder protectors that sit in the bottom of cup holders in your car and LIGHT UP to sound activation and glued it to the bottom of the bong. So everytime you start to take a hit the whole bong lights up in like 10 colors. We then left the car and went off the rod in to some tall grass (about 3-4 ft tall) and sat down. We then started to smoke. About 4 bowl packs in we were all completely baked, and only had the intentions of packing 1 more bowl. So I start packing the last bowl, suddenly a car rolls up on the road and stops right on the curb (we were like 15 yards off the curb). We were in the ghetto, middle of nowhere spot and some car rolls up and people start getting out of the car!! So we all lay down on our stomachs and start army crawling through the tall grass away from the road (even though our car was parked on the road). We wait for about 10min and hear no noises, so we army crawl all the way back to the road (with a 2 foot bong in our hands). We get to the road and the car was still there!!! We try to casually get up and walk across the street while holding the bong on the other side of my body tryning to block it. Suddenly when were in the middle of the road the cars headlights turn on real quick and the car turns on and starts coming full speed at us. We all ran off the road towards our car and then heard the car slam on its brakes and start backing up towards us. IT TURNED OUT TO BE MY BROS FRIEND WHO SHOWED ME THAT SPOT! He ended up going tot he movies with us! After that whole experience, we named the bong Desert Storm because it felt like we were in war during all this! :smoke:
  2. Cool story, brah! and sounds like a pretty cool bong, too!
  3. hahaha thats awesome!! Ive yet to name my new bong :bongin:
  4. Hahaha that reminds me of when me and my friends when we smoked by an elementary school cause it had woods, which was the best area for smoking and really only place we could find lol. Anyways it had like an area cleared out for a nature trail for the kiddos and that's where we'd smoke. Well it was right next to a sidewalk that went right through the woods leading to the school. We hadn't had any problems smoking there before but one day we were in the middle of smoking outta a gravity bong I made. Well we were noobs and one of my friends took a hit and starts coughing like a motherfucker like usual.

    Well these two moms walking there dogs(total soccer moms in a wealthy suburban area) walk literally 50 ft away from us. My coughing friend runs deep into the woods and me and my other friend hit the deck and hid behind this podium that was randomly placed out there lol. We army crawled around the podium as the women kept walking and changing their angle of view on us. Fuck we were so high I wasn't even thinking about the felony consequences(possession + paraphernalia right next to an elementary school). We were cracking up the entire time pretending we were in the army(happens when ur new to smoking and take multiple g bong rips). We would peek out from behind the podium and report to whichever one of us stayed on the ground lol. I would poke my head out over the podium and whisper "I have a visual on the targets, currently heading north. Pssht, over." until one of the times I peeked out I swear I made eye contact with the woman. I must've looked like a deer in headlights I didn't move for a good 5 seconds. Then I layed back down and I told my friend "shit dude we are so fucked........................................... over." We cracked up again lol.

    Fuck that was fun and I guess those moms were chill cause they had to have at least heard my friend coughing and us laughing ridiculously loud, and no kids go back into those woods on a weekend and hide and peek out from
    Behind a podium when adults walk by unless somethins up lol)

  5. hahhahahaha dude we were felling that feeling too man!!

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