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    Ill start it off

    On the first day of this year I was chillin with some friends of mine in an albertsons parking lot waiting on a connect. We are just sittin in a car when we see this person just running by and he is straight up just naked. It was a good friend of mine to who I later found out had been shrooming.:hello: He had gotten home stole his moms car he crashed it and ran for a quarter mile naked up to the main road that passes by Albertsons. Some cops roll up and tell him to stop, he doesnt and after repeated yells the cop gets out and straight up tazers his ass. My friend pulls out the tazer, they tazer him again and he pulls it out again. Then the cop tackles him into some dirt and all the while he is yellin and screaming like he was crazy. They had to get an ambulance and everything and once he got in he got completely quiet like he died or sumthin. But hes fine was in juve and now hes in rehab for a month.

    So GC community whats a crazy story that you know
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    Junior year of highschool my friend m bought 100 hits of acid in philly his little brother then stole 25 hits of acid and brought them to unionville highschool i told the kid to take them home or leave them in his car but he proceded to take them during school and hand them out to a bunch of kids that took them in school, one kid ended up taking 5 hits and freaked out and after cussing out a few teachers and freaking out he stripped down to his boxers and walked around the highschool smoking cigs he then threw his cell phone at the principal and punched the assist principal, the police where called same with ambluences like 5 or 6 kids got taken out of school to the hospital, they later narced out m's little bro and he got put on probation for 4 years but continued to smoke weed so he got sent to jail that was a crazy day since i ended up taking two of the hits he gave out, but i did not freak out i had a nice trip

    this happened at Unionville Highschool in westchester PA in 2007 it was on the news but i dont think you can find it anymore
  3. hahaha wow that sounds like some insane shit^

  4. yeah thats believable... troll if its in the news the obviously its going to still be in the archives so im calling bullshit

  5. what ever bro it is a true story im not trying to get cool on this forum or anything lame like that im just posting about a crazy story at highschool it did happen wether you want to believe it or not

  6. lol man, i can't think of a crazy story atm, but that was hilarious
  7. Yeh man it was crazy as hell, that whole winter break was pretty crazy.

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