Crazy stories while stoned

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  1. Just wondering about some of you guys crazy stories that happened while stoned or while getting stoned ill start so me and some buddies were behind a stripclub hittin a bong during lunch i was about to hit another bowl when we heard a door slam our stupid stoner friend yells shit cops man run i flew out of there in my mind pretty fast turns out it was the property owner just telling us to move our stoner bench over so he could saw up a table
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    Used a pineapple to come up with an equation for depth peception
  3. "Wait! Are you from the future?"
  4. Me and some friends were at a park at like 2am and we just got done hotboxing my buddies truck so after awhile of us chillin outside sitting on the park bench we see a shady looking hooded figure across a lake, we don't really pay much attention to him but we all knew he was there, just kinda sitting there looking in the water.
    Kinda weird right? So were all glancing over at him and then before we know it we hear the nastiest dying cat sound imaginable, we all get kinda startled as were the only ones around the whole park other then the shaded figure but as soon as we look over to look at him again he's completely vanished. No sign of him at all. And if he walked away we would of seen him easily as he was in the wide open area of the park!
    That's just one weird thing that's happened at this park of ours, we don't go there much anymore because we think some paranormal shit goes on there late at night. I have plenty other stories I could tell about the park.

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  6. If i was stoned and some man flew down from the sky with nothing other than a backpack-fan ... I just think I'd be rather dumbfounded.
  7. last year after a bowl sesh while on a late night drive i drove into a sketchy looking, but very familiar place so as im driving i noticed it looked very familiar until i looked around and realized it was the cemetery. so im like ohh shit... its no big ill just turn right around and get out but the road was way too narrow to u turn. so im driving around trying to look for the exit and im driving past these really old looking headstones before i knew it i realized i was lost in the middle of a cemetery stoned out of my mind and losing my shit. so what i did was i kept driving and i drove by the crypts, now im terrified of crypts and cemeteries take not that this is an old ass cemetery. so i see the lights inside still on and in my imagination i kept seeing shadows inside of the building. so i drove away as fast as i could until i found the exit and got the hell out. its funny cause it didint hit me until i left and went out to eat a few minutes after i realized how creepy that shit was.

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