crazy stoned idea - cloning the stem?

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  1. Cloning the stem?
    So, was thinking about cloning, stoned. Then, I got to wondering... Could it be possible to cut the top off and root it? 

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    It works, although I've never tried it with cannabis. It's called layering, people do it mostly to clone woody plants/shrubs etc.

    EDIT: it's funny you mention this because I plan to try it with a male.
  3. I've seen that done outdoors with mixed results,
    you might try removing just the top fan leaves and
    burying the new growth. oh, and don't get it too wet
    seems to work better on woodlines than it does in a swamp...
    Can you post pictures if you do? My mind is still half boggled with the concept.
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    First, you aren't cloning a stem, you're coming the whole plant.

    Second, air layering is a time honored technique for getting rooted slips without the brain damage.

    You can bury the stem for a few inches, or a popular method in the Spanish speaking growing community is to scrape a part of a branch, add a bit of cloning solution, then wrap with a damp paper towel and tin foil to keep light out and moisture in. Give it a week or so, and when you see roots coming from the stem inside the packing, cut off the branch (below the roots!) and voilá! Instant rooter!
  6. Listen to this man, he knows what he's saying.  Tty, seen you over at the the farm, the info you and  others lay out has been invaluable, thank you for all you share, and good to see you over here as well!
  7. Thank you! Your kind words mean a great deal to me. I'm here to help others- and when they succeed, it makes me feel useful.
  8. People do that when they top their plants ... they just top them longer and clone the main stem

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