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crazy smoke contest

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 420max420, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. hey buds, (no pun intended)
    tell the craziest smoke out story and win the grand prize!
  2. once upon a time, im a camper a long way away...

    Got stoned

    then he woke up and wasnt(shud that be in 3rd person? is that third person?)

    Dr krapp would like some food.(thats third person)
  3. lol. i was going for a "star wars" thing there, dont think it worked too well, cos im not a typing guy.

    By the way, if you see any copyright lawyers, it wasnt me
  4. This one band

    When i worked for the National Forest Service in Allegheny..*sp?*in the archaeological sense.
    Our crew, who always got stoned once ouside the watchful eyes of the office, did a survey of some deadfall. *downed trees caused by mother nature in some way*

    Now, you have to keep in mind that deadfall is very hard and dangerous to walk through...most of the time you are just climbing over it, you can't see the ground, and critters like snakes, lizards, and small furry things like to make homes under it.

    I had my trowel in my back pocket, all nicely sharpened up and oiled, as i was crawling over this particularly large downed tree...when i see this rattlesnake shaking it's tail at me. I froze, called out to the others to stop, don't follow me. I don't think i paniced cuz i was stoned outta my mind and snakes don't really bother me that much.

    I started climbing over this deadfall backwards, very very slowly. I was almost out of reach when the thing struck at me, missing and hitting a piece of wood where my had had just been. THIS is when i flipped out.

    I don't think i have ever scammpered that fast in my life....backwards. I ended up far enough away from it, and i had fallen at some point. When i was convinced it wasn't chasing me and i was out of range, i finally stopped moving.

    The crew ran up to me and stood there, all dead still, just Looking at me with shock. I said, well that was fun, let's walk around this. THey just kept looking at me.

    I said, What?

    They didn't say anything for a second or two and then one of them pointed to my butt. I looked at them quizically first and then glanced down to see my trowel sticking out of my right butt had stabbed me.

    Thank god it was sharp and didn't go in as far as it could have, but once i saw it, boy did i start to panic. I was fine when i didn't know it was there..LOL

    Luckily, every one of us carried a small first aid kit, and between three other people, they were able to get the bleeding stopped long enough for me to get back to civilization for some help..LOL

    I laugh now, but it sure was scary at the time. I ended up with 13 stiches in my ass and a note from my doctor to keep my trowel out of my back pocket..LOL
  5. ahahahhaa, he wins!!!!
  6. This one time when I got stoned, I set Candada on fire....and then stabbed it! take that you geographical formation damnit!

  7. More like She..*wink*.

  8. which is exactly why i was hoping for a 'band camp' story... altho, i wince at the thought of a girl sticking a sharp trowel up... never mind ;p

  9. I went to Dublin for National Cannabis Day last year, we had alot of hash, lots of people had lots of hash and weed and joints and bongs and pipes and we just sat and got stoned all day long and can't remember getting back home from Dublin.

    Free the Weed!

  10. Today i smoked a joint......feeling

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