Crazy skittles theory

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  1. Im so high just chilling on my computer, with a nice chilled water bottle and a pack of skittles. When I'm sober I eat a handful of skittles at a time, but right now in my stoned state I have one at a time and it tastes amazing :smoke: This pack of skittles is going to last so long. Wow strawberry tastes good. :smoke:
  2. Sour Skittles well high are orgasmic!
  3. Just eat the skittles.
  4. I do the same thing with jelly beans. Om nom nommm.
  5. Skittles + ice water: ghetto dessert of my entire childhood
  6. Fuck skittles

    M&ms are the cats pajamas
  7. whats the theory?
  8. That skittles are the quintessential meaning for our existence and desires,


  9. this is the most unholy disgusting post i have ever witnessed on grasscity....

    .... Skittles Rock!
  10. taste the rainbow

  11. I prefer the knock off brand chewy fruits, actually.
  12. I agree, peanut m&ms all DAY

  13. My gums and tongue get so raw from that shit..
  14. [quote name='"RememberTheName"']

    My gums and tongue get so raw from that shit..[/quote]

    Fuck yeah

    First time I tried sour skittles
    They cut my gums and mouth
    And couldn't enjoy eating after a day or ttwo

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    Just don't walk thru a gated community with them.

    Get your ass kilt.

    Suprised nobody said anything about this yet. It's everywhere else you turn in the internet.
  16. There's a joke in here about tasting the rainbow and colors...I'll just chuckle to myself.:cool:
  17. Anyone try fizzle skittles?? Hideous.
  18. starburst are good too

    those things are addictive though
  19. [quote name='"cookiecrisp"']Skittles + ice water: ghetto dessert of my entire childhood[/quote]

    This. Haha used to eat sour skittles til my mouth was raw

  20. starburst are way better than skittles. i like skittles. but starburst are so much better. i ate one of those 41 ounce bags of em last weekend lmao


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