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    I'm kinda in between being a newb and being a pro with smoking weed. I have a little piece collection going, and I know my way around, but I sometimes have trouble eyeballing a gram and whatnot. ANYWAYS. I wanted to share something stupid I did today while/to get blazed. Hopefully you'll share stories too!! :smoke:

    Today I decided I wanted to go for a walk to get baked. I am staying at my mom's bf's house for a couple days, and he lives in the boonies ['red-neck country' in Canadian English]. One end of his road has a couple houses, the rest of it is dirt or grassy. You can walk and walk and I don't know if you'll get to an end. I wanted to walk with my weed and a pipe and explore. It was super sunny, and an awesome day. I started on my journey, and about 30-40 minutes into I found an old shack, and not too far I found an old stable. They were both pretty empty, nothing too interesting, but they looked like people might drive out there and use them for something, because there were recent tire tracks, and a recent hook&eye attached to the stable to keep one of the doors closed. Creepy.
    Anyways, I walked further up and there was an old tree fort, or maybe a hunting fort way up in a tree. I tried to climb up, but it was really tough, and some parts of the tree were old and brittle. [aka I'm a fat-ass.] I got up a little ways and decided to just smoke there. I blazed a bowl and just looked around. It was soooo nice.

    that's it! Sorry I'm so baked right now. Haha. Let's hear your's!! :smoke:

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