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  1. i chopped n screwed D4L- Laffy Taffy n on the one part where its like "girls call me jolly rancher oh cuz i stay so hard you can suck me for a long time oh my god" somehow i chopped it so it came out sounding like "girls call me jolly rancher oh stay stay hard hard suck me fuck me long long oh oh god god"

    dont know how i got suck to say fuck but it happened n its pretty sweet, not that any of yall really care, but i'm jus real high
  2. thats cool but i really cant stand the whole snap music im with ghostface when he says hip hop is becoming hip pop, but hey screwed and chopped is the shit when your high
  3. dude you have a g-unit banner in your info. hahaha. don't talk about hip pop. by the way i;'ve had some vodka so don't mind me if i'm an ass haha
  4. i dont really like that song, but its okay compared to some other stuff

    i like the new lyrics better man

  5. first off joshua i listen to underground , donttalk to me about hip pop because im pretty sure you really have no idea about anything in music and you probaly consider someone like kanye a good rapper

    EDIT: and all i said JOSHUA was that i dont like snap music and i qouted on of raps respected figures so ill just take it as that wass the alch talking for you
  6. hey now ladies
  7. what is a "good rapper"?

    is it someone who raps by certain guidlines or certain rhyme patterns?

    or how bout someone who steals bars from someone who only had two albums out?

    oh i got it....a "good rapper" is someone who somebody else enjoys....cause its all about opinion, man.

    i dont like kanye, but im not gonne try to offend someone else for liking him..
  8. Lol, laffy taffy!
    God, that song cracks me up.
    Sounds really awesome though.
  9. i aint sayin its the best song ever, i jus like to chop n screw some shit off the radio n mtv here n there so when i got females in the whip i can let em hear songs they know that i chopped up.
  10. i personally don't like kanye too much but his lyrics are deep man, his shit is straight, some shit you gotta be from chicago to understand like street names and some shit kanye is straight in my book and i like underground shit, i don't care if it's mainstream or underground if i like it it's good i hate all that bullshit where people are like snobs i guess about music like "ugh you're listening to nelly that's lame, i only listen to top notch underground shit like deltron 3030 bet you've never heard of him!"

    and negligent hit me up on aim with that when you on, i'm finna be waiting for you to get on tonight, but only if it's gonig to work, when you screwed and chopped purple drank for me a couple months back i never got that to work

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