Crazy Sh*t Around The Neighborhood...

Discussion in 'General' started by ZerO Stay Tokin, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Damn,

    I just found out that this crazy ass dude that i've known from around my way for about 10 years held 2 people hostage and then blasted his own brains out w/ a shotgun.

    He was always a nut, but i would never think it came down to this.

    Im dumbfounded right now, and i was jus wit him about a week ago.

    Cant believe this shit..

    RIP Kevin.
  2. That's crazy

    A guy two houses over from mine shot and killed his wife and then killed himself when the police showed up. That was about a year and a half ago. They tore down the house and built a new one.
  3. Its a fucked up world homie.
  4. ^^^ I read that.
  5. woord.

    And i jus heard the dude took out one of his parents,too.

    I hope that shit aint true, hopefully jus' a rumor.

    Im tryin to get in touch wit his older and younger brother's, they probably real fucked up right now.
  6. damn, this shit had me fucked up all day.

    Been drinkin and takin percs since i found out ... today is a real shitty day.

    Found out dude shot his pops,too ...
  7. Thats fucked up man, Thinking about how people can murder there family can get to you.
  8. was he robbing them?why he kill his pops?? i dont know man i think killing your self is a sin so.. if im going out like that, im taking out some enemies, NA MEAN :cool:
  9. Sorry to hear that man. That's a really shitty thing to have happen. Such a shame :(
  10. The full story is that he was trippin balls on acid and he called over 2 coke dealers so he could rob them. He had them both handcuffed to something and his pops was buggin out, so he shot his dad.

    Supposedly, the swat team came and he killed the two dealers and then killed himself before they busted into the house.
  11. All that shit going down on acid would be way intense
    shooting yourself would probably seem like the only solution
  12. fucked up shit man, he just came up with the idea to rob these coke dealers.. I wander what the two coke dealers thought when they showed up and there was another coke dealer.. and a fucked up guy.. keep ya head up brother.. at least it wasnt you ...
  13. thats fucking crazy... DAMN fuck that im not ever gonna do acid EVER!!
  14. are you talking about the case in Hopkinton about Neil Entwistle?
  15. dont let that affect your decision on doin' cid.

    My homie was jus a nutjob.
  16. Damn, sad ass story. Hearing that someone you know did someone like that is never easy on the mind. I can tell you that from first hand experience. Let the ganja keep you at ease and free your mind of stress, man.

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