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  1. i don't smoke frequently but i smoked a full joint and it kicked in right away. i felt a vibration happening throughout my entire body and couldn't believe it. i've never been this high before. first 20 minutes everything was going numb and i legit felt paralyzed. i was biting down on my tongue and i couldn't feel it. while i was talking to my friend i was trying so hard to talk but my mouth just stopped moving. as i was trying to fall asleep cause i was so fucking scared, everything was in SLOW MO. i felt my heard beating, my blood flowing and my saliva going down my throat in the slowest motion ever.. it was so slow while my heart was beating i thought it was gonna stop. i fell asleep for 14 hours and when i woke up, i felt half of that, it was like i got injected with anesthesia for my wisdom teeth. weird fucking shit
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  2. Sometimes less is better.
  3. haha thanks, idk what i was thinking
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