Crazy/ridiculous High Stories?

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  1. Tell me them! I'll start with mine:
    I don't know why, but almost half of the time I've smoked weed it has always ended in my friends and I sprinting down the street in excitement like a bunch of idiots. Someone will be like "OH MY GOD GUYS GUYS GUYS" "hehehe, what?" "....We have food" or "We have kraft dinner" We then literally do the biggest physical communication/mime of excitement I have ever experienced in my life, followed by sprinting down the road in a fit of happy tears.
    Continuing: We get home, and I decide to make them my specialty kraft dinner. What I do is I get this really nice white buttermilk cheese, grate it up and put into like chunks and curds while the kraft dinner boils. I set up each bowl of kraft dinner as such: Layer of grated cheese and chunks at the bottom, kraft dinner, layer, kraft dinner, top layer of cheese. This melts in perfectly with everything, and creates probably one of the most fantastic dishes I have ever made. Now during the making of all this, they said that I'm like Gordon Ramsey because of how fast I was moving in the kitchen. I then proceeded to stop grating my cheese, look at them, and say in Gordon Ramsey's accent "I'm Gordon Ramsey, drop the bass" and then I head-banged WHILE I grated cheese as if I was in a dubstep music video.
    Now I actually did this whole act because I knew my pal Avery was recording me on video because he wanted to throw together a lil' somethin' special because he found this automatic music video creator app on his phone that SURPRISINGLY does a very good job of making something out of nothing. For example he took the default windows 7 sample videos and put them into it with "Bangarang" and what came out was absolute beauty. In fact, here's the video:
    And here's the final music video of us making kraft dinner. You can literally see I wasn't kidding about letting the bass drop and head banging.
    So, what's your story? ^_^

  2. Inb4 OP and his friends sound like teen fags
  3. If one is not 18, why would one post their video? :smoke:
  4. I thought it was gonna be a little more epic. Also your friend has the exact same voice as this guy i know  :eek:
  5. according to UNICEF, Canadian teenagers smoke the most weed out of everyone. This should be of no surprise. I'm 17 though, not like 13 or anything .-.
  6. You must have meant to put 18. because you have to be 18 to register on this site. and they'll ban you for it. You should edit your post to correct it and clear up the fact that it was a typo ;)
  7. "I fuckin' love you Adam, you're so hardcore"
  8. One time my friends and I were so high early in the morning and we were bored. So we decided to drive to Brooklyn from Philly. We got there, ate at a local pizza place because we were stoned. Couldn't figure out anything to do so we drove back. We got back to Philly, ate at a restaurant and watched a movie at the theaters. We were stoned the whole day too.
  9. used to smoke and listen to
    . the musacha tapes. funny ass shit.
    check out chinese laundry on youtube. →←←↓↓↓↓▼↓■▲↓º□▼◆→▼:':)-(▪↓:-(▼

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