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crazy red weed pics!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by IA89, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. anyone know the name of this tree? all i could see was 80 an eigth
  2. holy fuck hows the high from that there nugget
  3. i wish i knew! i seen a pic and asked around and am now waiting for it to come into town.....
  4. :eek: i just cummmed all in my pantss
    but seriously great looking trees dude
    it almost looks unrealistic
  5. Holy shit man! That looks crazy... Almost doesnt look real.
  6. I wanna know what it is and how it was grown ASAP.
  7. looks kiknda like some shit my buddy had

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  8. holy shit. its beautiful
  9. yea alll except the whole red color
  10. haha thats what I was thinking
  11. that color will darken when it dries
  12. Holy crap dude watch out! Your herbs are on fckin FIRE!
    Nice pickup dude.. you must tell us how it is
  13. i maybe wrong, but it looks like a male plant.
  14. #14 SlimPickins, Feb 16, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2009
    that pic was grown by a guy that used to be on this site, i dont remember what he said it was, but whoever said they bought it for 80 a bag was lying because he had just picked that one bud off the plant to show the color, it wasnt a matured bud yet. Ive had that bud shot on my computer for over a year.

    edit: his sn was Mr. Postman I believe.
  15. hahaha dude busteddddddddd
  16. dude i would fuck an electric eel for that bud

  17. I wish I could grow pictures that nice
  18. Mr. Postman grew that, banned member to this site, his buds have been featured in High Times.

    Get the Fuck out with this bullshit, you didn't buy that.
  19. I think he meant he would pay that much, not that he actually bought it.

    I would think that would be literal Louisiana wildfire, but that might me a Louisiana name not actual strain.
  20. Also, if I remember right, that's some of postman's Shishkaberry.

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