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*Crazy Purple Weed*(MACROS)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by H0lYSM0k3s, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. the guy said it this is purple kush, i dunno if it is or not but its pretty heady:smoke:
  2. hellz yah. looks like fire. got some purp myself they called black velvet. shit was tasty. good bed time good pick up man:smoke:
  3. holy macro hahaha that is some sweet nug porn :D
  4. I shat brix.
  5. Did you leave that out in the snow?
  6. haha thanks guys, the third pic is my fave, looks like the big nug is a planet and the little one like a moon :hello:
  7. My dank senses are tingling...
  8. wow my pants are wet for some reason
  9. I love the glisten on the trichs in the 4th picture. Enjoy the bud!
  10. thats very nice.~
  11. That is some of the most frosty crystal covered buds ive ever seen.

    I think i jizzed my pants.
  12. Thats deff some dank ass purple kush
  13. Looks amazing.

    Btw, what camera did you use?
  14. damnnnn
    I'm tempted to try and light the screen
  15. Sir you have just made my Bowl cry green tears of envy:eek:
    With that said Fuckin enjoy:smoke:
  16. ^This guy is quite high

    But bomb nugs man! Have fun toking that shizz!
  17. a kodak easyshare

    EDIT oh shit nvm i did use the nikon hahahaha god im high VVVVV
  18. He used a Nikon CoolPix L20.

    Great shots man. Looks frosty as fuck.
  19. That shit looks so dank man. Enjoy it. :smoking:

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