crazy purple stem question

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  1. 2 plants both 2 weeks old one fruit punch auto form heavyweight seeds the other some bag seed from some no so good weed. Using ff happy frog/ocean forest mix, no nutes .Now ive was paying more attention to the bag seed plant because it had purple stems almost from the beginning and everything says its a calmag or genetics thing. after a few days i notice the auto stems are getting purple also so i wait a few days to see if anything else happens and im looking around the plant and i see thats its only purple on the top of the plants on the lit side..on both. so i google and i was able to find one comment "What lights are you running? LEDs can do a weird thing where they purple on half the stem, the lit side. Flip it over and it’s green. Weird.". and another saying that i means the pot is too wet and isnt getting oxygen. and the oxygen thing confuses me because i only watered the auto twice. once she popped and the other was at least 5 days ago and the pot was almost dry, the only reason i watered was because i didnt want to kill my microbes. everything else is good the temp, humidity and ph. what do y'all think is going on?
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  2. no pics.
    though cool story bruh
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  3. Plants get their oxygen from the water. Fresh oxygenated water gives the roots and microbes the oxygen they need. Purple stems are all over the place these days. Genetics, and led lights just show up more, and it can be Phosphorous uptake or lack there of. Also magnesium def starts with purple. All I do if I see purple is nothing. I just learn how to watch for the next thing if it ever comes.
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  4. Much thanks. thats going to be the route i take

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