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CRAZY PICKUP!!! &&& Is this a good investment??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by kushandbeer, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Hi GC, so I bought an oz of dank wednesday. My dealer told me he had some Jean Guy. I was like "what...?". Anyway, he told me to come over and he'd let me try some and talk about an investment proposal. So i said "yeah sure". I went to his house and ge showed me the weed. It smelt like pine trees. So then he shows me on sensi seeds the Jean Guy strain. It said it was supposed to smell like pine trees and be very potent. It's a rare quebecan strain and I got an oz for 170$ not bad for daaaank stuff.

    As for the investment, he's planning on moving into an appartment and growing so he asked me if I wanted to help him start up by loaning him some cash. The exact price has yet to be determined but its around 500$. Discuss
  2. EDIT: some (sadly) horrible pics of the pick up. (It's all frosty and only one good bowl on my bong gets me pretty blazed.

    The first pic was yesterday. And the second from today.

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  3. Don't dude. I don't know your relationship with this guy but my rule of thumb is don't lend money to dealers. It becomes a big problem. AND $500? Take 1/2 that money and start your own grow.

    Than again it all comes down to your choice. If you trust this guy, I mean really trust this guy, than ok. Be very very very careful here. $500 is alot of money to have disappear.
  4. Looks like some nice weed though.
  5. I totally hear you man. My thoughts were going that way too (sorry if some sentences dont make sense, im fkin high haha)
  6. #6 kushandbeer, Aug 6, 2011
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    Truly :bongin:
  7. What are you getting out of the so called investment?
    I'd only go with it IF i was good friends witht he guy AND he let me move into the apartment.

    That bud does look pretty damn good though
  8. #8 kushandbeer, Aug 6, 2011
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    He told me I would get a share of the harvest. It would be between 8-16oz.
  9. Why don't you help him sell until he's raised enough money by profits?
  10. Nice pick up and what I see is that he gave you a good deal to earn your trust. If you give him $500 I'm sure he will move into a new apartment but not anywhere you will know about.

    Tell him no but you would be more than happy to buy more weed off him.
  11. I agree with barker. I've had many "investments" with many people I TRULY trusted, loooong term relationship with people that jacked me in plain sight. It's not worth it, and if he jacks you, you'll lose the connect as well! Just say no, sorry, but I'll buy that dank if there's no feeling hurt. Let someone else risk it
  12. For $500, he can buy and run a complete 1000w grow light set up for 4 months. 1lb is average per 1000w too, so he's not trying to skimp you grow wise. But I'd be careful, are you in a medical state, does he have a licsense to grow?

    If he were to get busted, you'd be out of a lot of money for nothing. But I would say 16oz is a good trade off for a $500 investment. Keep in mind, the earliest he would finish would be about 3 months.
  13. It looks like you got a really good deal on that bud first of all

    How long have you guys known each other? Ask if he'd be interested in moving in together, splitting rent and the grow costs and splitting the harvest as well. Or if you know him well enough.

    Basically, its a great investment opportunity IF he holds up on his end
  14. I've known the guy about a year, but I don't want to risk 500$ and I don't really want to live with him anyway. No, I'm not in a medical state, I'm in Canada lol
  15. Only read the first post....... But dude use your head

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