Crazy photo of Obama's Inauguration

Discussion in 'General' started by BillDavis, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Not that it matters, but there seems to be a lot more white people then black.
    Cool photo nevertheless, I love how you can zoom up on anybody's face.
  2. I wish somebody had the full .png of this or something
  3. Dude, is Bush playing with a fucking PDA or something?

    Look at Cheney, too! You'd find more cheer in a Graveyard.

  4. Wow! That picture is so detailed you can make out EVERY face when you zoom in, even to the farthest point back!!! amazing, still done hearing about obama thouh
  5. if you look at the railing in the center of the picture to the right of the white tower thingy there are feet but there is no head. just a quick lttle find.

    im just waiting for someone to say " the dude near blah blah is rolling a fat jay" lol
  6. hahha that'd be so funny

    i was looking at this yesterday and found a guy who moved during it or something, and his head looks really weird. idk where he is anymore, but i remember he had grey hair
  7. I think i found who you are talking about. four rows behind Bush, in between the black guy and black lady. Its like his head is cut in half.
  8. Another one... right above Bush right under Aretha Franklin.. there is a black hat with no head under it.
  9. aren't you more concerned that aretha franklin's head is photoshopped onto a mans body?!?!?!!

  10. actually there is a face except its cut in half and it make aretha franklin look like she literally has a double chin. one thats shave and one with a nice goatee lol
  11. I see 2 dudes I know in that pic weird as FUCK.
  12. Lol George Bush crosses his legs like a woman.
  13. Sure looks like a rip roaring good time. :rolleyes:

  14. I think all those people in the back there are republicans, that's why they're not having that great of a time.
  15. Why can't I find any snipers and shit?
  16. yea wheres the secret service
  17. wdb posted a link in randomism of this the other day

    guess he shoulda took it to a thread

    pretty cool but i agree with SnT tired of hearing about obama and politics all over the city

  18. I think I see two dudes with sunglasses on with suits, but that's about it.

    Two guys... and they're sitting a few chairs from Obama.

  19. Under cover.

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