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Discussion in 'General' started by Budder81, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Today I was yelled at by some crazy person near the courthouse. I am walking out of the court and some lady decides to yell (fairly loud) "I'm tired of you fuckers walking on my sidewalk!". I really couldn't think of anything to say so I retorted with "I pay taxes, get the FUCK OFF MY SIDEWALK!" She looked at me with wideeyes and walked away. LOL, she couldn't think of anything to say. Reminds me of living in Los Angeles.
  2. Was she homeless?

    If so, you should have kicked her in the cunt.

    Well come to think of it, you should have kicked her in the cunt regardless.

  3. right in the ovaries
  4. you really should have ripped out her uterus put it over her head and suffocated her with it
  5. People on my street incessantly LOVE to yell "SLOW DOWN!!!" at people like myself who are driving 29-30 a 30mph residential. The other night this stupid cunt was walking to her car and yelled it so loud I could hear her with my windows up, and over the music so I slammed on my brakes to stop in the street. and then floored it.

    people PISS ME OFF.:mad:

  6. Its really not that big a deal dude. And personally, I am always amused by the batshit shenanigans of my local crazies.
  7. I remember watching Baker 3 with my ex and they showed a clip a of a crazy/homeless women at a buss stop that made a really fast head turn and then looked really surprised by herself. It might not be that funny now but you have to know that I was really fucking stoned and when I saw it I couldn't stop laughing, we had to play it over and over again.


  8. So the spin created more speed than she could handle? That's funny though. Maybe she was on salvia, I had fun trying to walk on grass terrain, kept over-judging steps and tripping.
  9. I got yelled at by a crazy homeless today. He told me to fuck off, as I was minding my own business biking down the street. I stopped and told him to fuck off and then he walked away and I biked away.
    I guess sometimes you just have to tell people to fuck off.
    After re reading that story it sounds stupid lol, but it just happened like 20 mins ago.

  10. I understand people wanting the neighborhood safe their kids and not liking people goin 50...but shit 30?

    If im really going too fast and dont notice it then ill apologise and correct it

    If some old bitch wants to stop me in the road though and waste my time just cause he/she is bored...take out their mailbox and give them something to do

    People in my neighborhood keep to themselves over minor bullshit like that. Now they do atleast
  11. I wish there were some crazy people around here I'd love to have a laugh at their nutty antics. :D
  12. we dont have many crazies around here but I do love fucking with the beggars.

    bum: "change?"
    holding out his cup.
    me: "one sec dude."
    reaching into my pocket and pulling out a handfull of change and looking at it.
    me: "no thanks dude, I think I have enough. but i'll let you know if I run out."
    casually walk away.:D
  13. Nothing conquers a punch in the ovaries.
  14. lmao.
  15. you tell her OP.
    a homeless guy came up to me and my family in london and stole my brothers hat. we thought he was playing a joke until he started to walk away with the hat. we chased him down and had to wrestle it away from him. he was pretty funny though.
  16. yeah, i remember when i had my car:

    my car had no exhaust so it was running turbo straight pipe and was loud as fuck

    i was going down a street in my neighborhood

    then this random bitch yells at me saying "slow the fuck down!!!"

    then i bust a bitch and launch my car to redline right past her screeching tires hitting 45 or so and hearing my external wastegate dump a load right into her lawn, that dumb bitch.
  17. next time just answer (only works with fairly old people otherwise add "i will be paying ...):
    "im paying your pension you know ?" then they shut the hell up :D
  18. I was at the bus station waitin on my brother to get there, sittin on the bench minding my own business. Two benches away was a crazy with what looked like 3 or 4 shirts stuffed in the front on her pants was sitting there cursing and mumbling and spitting all over the place. So this black guy comes up and sits on the bench next to the one Im on, and it took her a few minutes to notice him there, but when she did she started freaking out yelling crazy rambles and banging her cane on a concrete pole that was close to the guy... To be completely honest it looked like she was trying to shoo him away.

    You had to have been there to see this shit, so funny.

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