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Crazy Night

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Justint999, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. So ya know tonights a Friday and theres usually shit goin on, mad parties etc. But seeing as how It was raining we had a little "gathering" of about 6 people at my friends house. Were chillen and few friends go outside for a Cig Break and then as they go inside cops follow them. Meanwhile im rolling a fucking cannon with a mix of Sour D and Ak-47. So slickly i put the blunt in my pants pocket and just acted like i was chillen. I get up and have to get a ticket meanwhile my friend is Arguing with cops asking what right they had to come in and they said "they saw running into the basement so we had the right to follow you" Im fucking getting a ticket for underage and the blunt without my acknowledgement falls onto the ground. As I am about to leave im looking for the blunt and like WTF?!?!??! then i run inside and its on the ground infront of the cop. Im like what do i do its going to be so obvious so i reach down itch my ankle and try to pick up the blunt. once i do me and 2 other friends book down the street to our ride. I went home and made away with someone elses banging bud :D
  2. That sounds pretty fucked..Lot of loopholes goin on there..You got away with someone elses bud, but there were only 6 close friends? wtf?!

  3. haha idk what i said up there but there were 6 total people and i left with 2 of them leaving 3 then left to my own house with bud and yea For a Friday 6 people is hit
  4. You almost have to shoot a cop if he walks into your's not like you can call the cops on them....wait what?!

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