crazy night was amazing

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  1. i haven't chilled with my friend Oscar in a few months since summer i seen him yesterday it was koo he's been like a brother since freshman year so all was goin chill, i took along the homies Daniel and b-rif and my bro Oscar hits up our friend Bo he lives about an hour away so we drove to his house just chillin playin some MW3 and his uncle comes out and asks us if we smoke i was like yeah we were just chillin and his uncle busts out with bags huge ass bags by the pound of just straight up dank! he was like here try this out for me tell me if it smokes koo we started rollin jays man that dude gave us like 10 grams for free! some bomb Blue Dream and he had some koo Blueberry Kush man what a night so lit it was awesome!
  2. Sounds fun.
  3. it was insane he had some good tree
  4. thats koo
  5. what a nice person. That dude is a true stoner!
  6. Is Oscar a code name for another drug?

    I've never actually met someone named Oscar
  7. Coolest uncle ever.
  8. Sounds like you copy and pasted my story from a thread on weed-forums :/
    not cool bro

  9. lol jus keedeeng :smoke:
  10. koo story bro
  11. Koo story Bo niggha I feel ya Bo real talk

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