Crazy Night on DXM

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by .ViciouS., Aug 10, 2003.

  1. 2 Nights ago, me and 2 other friends decided to trip on Robo. So we bought 6 4oz Maximum Strength Cough Robitussin bottles. That meaning we drink 8oz each. We also bought a quarter of pretty decent midis to go with that. So 15 minutes before we drink the nasty shit, we smoke a couple of bowls off a homemade water bong we made. We all chug the robo 15 minutes later, already feeling fucked up. For 45 minutes, we sat and waited for the effects to hit us. But anyways, we all had a nice J rolled up for each of us, so we smoked it. This is when it went crazy, we decided to turn off all the lights down in the basement, while smokin the J's. I started to trip very hardcore while smokin my J. I could tell all of us were getting really fucked up. For the next 4 hours, I can't say much. I just know that I was hallucinating off my ass, and never thought we'd trip this much just from 8oz. Me and my other friend, David, who has done plenty of other drugs, were fine. But the problem was the other friend, Cory, this was his 2nd time doing robo, but he was just that kind of person who couldn't handle an intense trip as we were going through. So he gets up and decides that he can make it to the bathroom upstairs. Walking very slowly, he starts puking all over the place in the basement, not even close to the stairs leading to the upstairs. This was a disgusting scene to witness. Bad thoughts started and i started to feel sick. A couple minutes after Cory threw up everywhere, DJ threw up in his trashcan, me following him about 10 minutes later. We all felt better, especially me and David, but Cory of course could not handle the trip, so he just sat in his seat, while me and David were occupied by our conversations, trying to describe what kind of trip we were having. About 3 hours later, Cory decides to throw up again. But this time, he passes out on my leg after hes done, and this just scares the shit out of me. I thought he died for a second, and I tried to help him up. I knew then, that Cory would never do any drugs with me again other than trees, and I convinced him not to do other drugs other than trees again. At this time, i was still trippin hardcore. The rest was history, filled with vivid hallucinations and endless babbling from me and my friend. I passed out a while later, and this happened to be my first tripping experience in my life. A fun night except the the whole idea of Cory being there with us.
  2. next time make sure you have experienced trippers with you, or give the inexperienced less drugs. also eat some crackers before you drink the dxm because it helps absorb some of the sugar and your chances of puking lower.
  3. man that sucks i hate when that happens it has a tendensy to ruin my high for at least 30 seconds...wich should be illegal :)
  4. i have heard of alot of people doin robo and i have been wantin to try it but after readin this thread i had second thought b/c i have only tripped on shrooms a hand full of times so how much should i drink for the first time?
  5. 4oz Maximum Strength Cough Robitussin.

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