Crazy night in Oklahoma

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  1. Ok so im from Shawnee, Oklahoma born and raised so I know evrything in this city. Well I had 3 of my friends with me one from California The other from New Orleans and the other from Tulsa( a city ABOUT 70-80 MILES AWAY)

    So as where Sitten in the cajuns apt looking for somthing to do on a friday night everyones kinda making some suggestions on what to do. Im like why dont we all got to this park called Kidspace( Its like this badass park with a bunch of wood obstcles and stuff its just fun at night). So everyone is like hell yeah lets go get drunk at a park. This really sounded like a good idea at the time. So we all pile in Cajuns car to blaze up on the way there. So we are all smoking his exploer out when two cops passes us. ( This where it gets stupid). My dumbass friend from tulsa freaks out and throws half a blunt out the window. Im like wtf man why did you do that. He looks at me very high and says uhh do what?. Son of a bitch so im kinda pissed threw away all the weed we had together.

    We make it to the park and decide hay lets crack open a few beers and chill for awile. So after about an hour or so and a case gone and half a bottle of skyy vodka we are all pretty drunk. My friend from Cali says lets play hide and go seek. Everyone is like yea lets do it. We get through one game of it and all I hear is COPS COPS COPS!!!

    So I grab all the beer and the bottle put it in a back pack of ours and throw it in this hole thats part of the walk way. I start to run because im not twenty one and dont want to get caugt. so I run jump over one fence and then run through this field to meet up with three of my friends. So my buzz has really gone down maybe cause of the running or the cops maybe both im not sure exactly. But we can see all the cops from the bottom of this hill as they are on top. My Cajun friend say lets make it to the car and Im like no lets just sit here and wait untill they leave. Nope They start to walk up the hill towards there car. So I start to folow them and as we make it up this hill on the side street One cops yells at us HAY GET OVER HERE.

    My first thought was run but everyone else just decided to walk over there and we where caught there really no point in running. The cops tells all to sit on the curb. This is where every beer every shot hits me in full effect. I start to spin but I hold my cool The cops all ask for our I.D.'s and he runs them and they all check out. Cop1 come up to us and my friend Cajun who is sweating like crazy from running and the Cop1 asks him why are you sweating so much and my friend was like im was late night jogging is that a probem officer. Im freakin out im think OMG this guy is going to get all of us aressted. So as we are aitten there the cop explains that the park is closed and we dont need to be drinkin there. We are like ok Officer it wont ever happen again. Cop2 is a lady cop ( Sounds nice no her skin hanging down like her cheeks where hagin down where tits should of been but they where hanging down to her ankles) She says we need to go pick up all of our trash. We get up and pick up all of the trash and throw them away. So we all Go back in to the parking lot where we sitten before and cop1 tells us this is a freebe and we need to go home.

    Think god no jail. Then out of know where my friend from tulsa says Can I grab the rest of the beer then? The cops looks and starts to Laugh cause he thought he was playin around. Then he says get out of here guys.

    So it's not a really crazy night but it was fun and i had a good time just thought i would share this with you guys lol hope you enjoy ( sorry for my grammer i hated english and i dont really care)
  2. hey bro u up in shit im up there like almost everyday and looking for something 2 do.
  3. Night time in Oklahoma + Public Areas = Bad Fucking Ideas.

    But I'm glad you guys were legit.
  4. yea it is. even at a park. most of em close between 8 n 11 pm. and there are sings posted for it to. just ppl dont think about the park being closed. but this dude got lucky.

    word of advice stay at home n drink. dont go out n public even that lat n do it.
  5. Stay at home to fuckin' do anything.

    We know how those cops CAN be.

    We've seen it.

    Why bother?

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