Crazy night and friend gets busted

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  1. Friday started like a normal day, went to school, went to work. 8 hours later, after my long shift, I'm ready to unwind. I take the metro to my friend's house where we match blunts. We had 3 blunts, which is a lot for me as I have a low tolerance. I was so fucked it was ridiculous.

    The owner of the house then announced that everyone had to be out in 2 minutes. I didn't care, fuck her. I make plans to chill with my friends who were there but they decide to drop me off after a bit. I got a phone call 10 minutes after I got dropped off from my other friend who was there (but was not with us on the way home). He informed me that my friend had been pulled over and busted. I felt bad for the dude, but he had it coming. He's a total dumbass while driving and I'm not surprised he got caught. So he was in jail last night and probably is still there today.

    I was just thinking how lucky I was. If i would have been with them instead of them dropping me off, I would have been busted for sure. Goes to show that Karma does come around.
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    That sucks. Im from Seattle to, and none of my friends nor i ever get caught. :smoking:

    Best of luck to your friend.

    Sorry it might not make sense, im high.
  3. Woo you're lucky, unfortunately your friend is not.

    But I also have a friend who is an absolute DUMBASS driver, doing power sliders, speeding, just stupid shit. Yet the one time I speed, I get pulled over. fuckin' karma.

    Sorry didn't mean to thread jack.
  4. Thats crazy man, this way just last night eh?

    I was probably blazed as shit while this was happening.:smoking::smoking::smoking:

    Sucks that your buddy's in jail, but if he was a dumbass about it, there's not much you can do.
  5. Yea, he definitely had it coming to him. I'm jsut glad I wasn't in the car with him. I've gotten caught once before and it was his fault, so I guess this is karma lol

    Also, at my friend's house I had a HELLA BAD hang nail on my toe and I needed some clippers. Looked in the bathroom and didn't see any so I went to go smoke with my friends and there was a pair of clippers just waiting for me on the table. The weed gods were definitely smiling down

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