Crazy new bill in Florida Law for High Schoolers

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    So, my cousin started his senior year in high school yesterday, and as usual they had an assembly to go to so they could hand out papers and the like. Then, they started talking about a new bill that will be going into effect on October 1st. Ready to hear what it is?

    If you are overheard by a teacher while you talk about having sex or any kind of sexual encounter, the teachers are bound by law to report it to the administration. Then, from there, they can start an "investigation" into the matter. If they find out that you're having sex with someone, regardless of age, the person can be labeled a sex offender and be charged.

    So let's say Johnny is talking to his friend about the great sex he had last night with his girlfriend, Suzy. A teacher in the room hears it, and then in fear of losing their job, they are forced to report it. Then, administration comes in and takes Johnny's cell phone for a little look through. If there is any proof they've been having sex, like maybe a text message, then Johnny's life is ruined!

    Also, if Suzy gets pregnant, regardless of if it was consensual sex, Johnny is once again charged with sexual abuse and labeled a sex offender for the rest of their lives.

    Tl;dr. Takers and faculty are forced to snitch on their students because they hear them talking about sex, resulting in someone possibly going to jail.

    How do you blades feel about this? I think it's a huge invasion of privacy! School has changed so much in the past 50 years... In a few years, you won't be able to take a piss without being given a time to do so! This shit just pisses me off.


    I'll find the name of the bill and link it here for you to read if you're interested.

  2. What the fuck happened to freedom of speech?:confused_2:

  3. Right? This law is going WAY too far. Sex education is the parent's responsibility, and the school shouldn't be involved in your personal life...
  4. Are you sure hes not fucking with you. Because I feel like that would be all over the news. And in my district teachers couldnt look through your phone period. And how could he be called a sex offender?
  5. Thats fucked up if its true.
  6. I just don't see how this bill can pass. Kids have been taught about sex and safety not to not do it. If two 18 years want to have sex they are "legal adults". Also, what about freedom of speech, i just don't think this will happen
  7. Welp...I'm glad I'm out of school and I don't live in florida...:smoke:

    Even when they are both 18? Or if they're both underage? That sucks,

    I remember the worst rule we had was when I was in middle school and you couldn't chew gum or use your phone during lunch :confused:
  8. good ol Florida.....trying to fuck people's lives up for no reason.
  9. If this is fucking real it's gonna set off a huge war.
  10. wtf there's no way they can do anything if you're of legal age/age of consent.

    If anything you or your friend must have misunderstood, I know there are a lot of cases of teacher/student sex in FL so maybe that is what it's really about
  11. That's fucked up.:.
  12. My punkass lil bro's gonnaa shiittttt. :laughing:
  13. Id say this couldnt be true, but it is florida we're talking about.
  14. lmao only in florida, i love my state :(
  15. Sounds like a bunch of the old folk down there started watching 16 and Pregnant...
  16. Another reason to just fucking hate this place.
  17. Fuck Florida?
  18. Laws like this make me glad I'm a virgin. :)



  19. Daaaammmmnnnnnn im glad i graduated lol.

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