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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by WeedCrawler, Feb 14, 2004.

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  1. I lived in a duplex for a year. I had a nice quite lady living in the other half of the house.

    We would share yard work responsibilities and laundry privledges.

    For about 9 months out of that year, things were great between me and my neighbor.

    Well, it had been raining for almost two straight weeks, and no one could get out to mow that grass. If it was sunny, the lawn was still soggy from all the rain, and it wouldn\'t stay sunny long enough to dry out.

    So we waited. One day, as it was raining, my bf heard the lawn mower start up. He gave me this look and went out to see if she was in fact mowing the lawn in the rain.

    She was

    I heard him offer to do it for her, and appologize for not doing it sooner, but the weather kept him from it.

    The next thing i hear is her flipping out at him, screaming at the top of her lungs that she shouldn\'t have to do everything, that she had to work all day and come home to do this, she was tired...etc etc etc...

    I heard him try to make peace. He didn\'t yell. I went to the window and watched. He was standing about 10 feet from her as he was talking. I saw him take one half step forward and she started screaming for him to not to touch her.

    God this woman had FLIPPED OUT.

    Next thing i see is her trying to run over his bare feet with the lawn mower..and she actually did, but the blade didn\'t catch him.

    This is when I came out of the house.

    I got in her face and had to speak up so she could hear me over the mower that I had every right to call the cops for assault because she ran over his feet. She just told me to leave her alone and let her mow the lawn.

    I came very close to calling the cops...the only thing stopping me were the plants i had growing in the house.

    Once she was close enough again, I said loudly enough for her to hear me....IF YOU EVER, do that again, I will make sure you go to jail.

    Didn\'t hear a peep out of her after that...but we moved three months later.

    Anyone else have crazy neighbors?
  2. Our neighbor across the street scares the shit out of me. The
    guy is absolutely insane. He\'s one of those guys whose
    angry all the time at everybody. He\'s threatened to kill
    another of our neighbors. Several times.

    I\'m honestly afraid he\'s gonna flip out one day and open fire
    on everybody.

    I really feel sorry for his wife. She\'s one of those women who
    are so afraid of their husband getting upset that they\'ll do
    anything to avoid it. My mom used to live that way. It

    Really, I feel sorry for him too. I feel sorry that he carries
    around all that anger and hate all day, and probably will for
    life. That\'s just a sad way to live.

  3. This same shit happened about 3 miles from my house a few years ago. Other, similar things have happened in my city. This mf asshole just went out to the street and shot the other guy dead. He had threatened several times to do it.

    I would say stay away from him and at the first sign of trouble call the cops. The guy who was threatened should report the whole thing to the cops now--before he gets killed. A lot of fucking good it will do afterward. Such people are dangerous. Report it NOW!! Just remember:shit happens and etc. etc. This may seema little \"disjointed\" but wtf its wake and bake day--all day.
  4. Wot a joint!!!!!!!!Just seeing what my computer can do thats all.Toke on......
  5. That lady probably just wanted a reason to bitch since she knew you\'d notice her.
  6. when i was seven my crazy old neighbors made us build a road cos they took a sudden dislike to us :) we used \"their\" road to get to our farm and we went to court!!!

    then the crazy old wife sat in front of my uncles tractor when he was trying to get here... and he took a photo of her :D


    doesnt that raise your faith in society :p
  7. theres a bag lady near my house

    she doesnt live anywhere or do anything just collects rubbish feeds cats and winds me up

    fucking scratty bitch...

  8. That\'s scary as hell lol.
  9. my neighbors are weird people, i dunno how to describe them, i remember one time they went on vacation, and i was walked through their lawn (they wouldnt mind they are nice people) and i heard some one talking and it scared the shit out of me becuase i thought i was alone, turned out my neighbor decided his garden would get lonely so he put a radio outside for the plants to listen to, they do all kinds of weird things liek that, i remeber at like 8 at night in the winter when it was like pitch black outside, there little girl was on her scooter by herself in the middle of the street just scooting along...i was like umm wtf are you crazy?! they jsut do little weird dumb things like that, that just makes me wonder what they are thinking lol

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