Crazy names given to people

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  1. What's the craziest black people names you've heard?I've met a lot of people with some wild ones but the one that sticks out the most is Shontrezelle.
  2. my plant is called Laquisha... shes pretty Ratchet too....
  3. There were 2 twins in my school called Monday and Tuesday. No lieSent
  4. never met a black person with a super out there name. no sharkeeshas or shiniquas. but the black side of my family all have names that make it obvious they're black like alieyah, adaydsha ect lol. i guess my name too haha.

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  5. Ive seen some pretty retarded names in multiple ethnicities.
     Some of the worst I've seen were Champagne, Breezy and another i cant remember for some reason.  these are fucking whore names rofl.  I actually knew a woman named Sativa (obviously named after weed, because if they knew the actual definition of that word means "cultivated".)  Im not insulting her, because she and her family are really nice people, and always treated me with respect.  But Man.  that name, haha.
    It's not so much how bad the names are, that gets me, it's how fucking redundant the names can be. White children named Skyler.  Hahaha seriously, get a fucking baby name book, or something.  God, even naming your kid after a car is better than that hahaha.  I get it, Skyler is a unisex name, but for crying out loud.  It's so lazy hahaha.  Every white-trash pissant I know always wants to name their kid skyler.  And thanks to breaking bad even more are, now. Arrrrgh..!
     There are thousands of butterfly species with awesome names, perfect for a girl.   Some of them, you already know.  Vanessa, for example, is a genus of butterflies.  
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  7. lmfao that episode was priceless
      "Shady Nasty?"
  8. Tyrone TyrellT dawg Omega369 :wave:
  9. Rastis
    Mr. T
    Otis Washington III
    Tyrone Jackson
    Weezy Jefferson
  10. I've only ever met 4 black people, the most out there name of the two is Chibuco, which is a cool as fuck name I think!

    I live in a weird area which sadly hasn't been effected much by immigration, and no one born in London or any of the bigger cities wants to move here, so it's a predominantly white area :(
  11. Shaniqua, although I doubt my spelling is as magical.
    what a common black people name
  14. I remember having a patient named Ladynasty, pronounced luh-dynasty. The doc saw her name written down and said, "Lady...nasty?"
    "You think my name is lady nasty?!" :laughing:
  15. Hahahahahah
  16. Omfg... i like ridiculous white people names like... rain... or sky... pagan names- what's good, nyugga? what's REALLY good?!
  17. I also find it funny when i meet white people with these names like shaneequa
  18. I also find it funny when i meet white people with these names like shaneequa
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    I know a guy whose name is literally Harry WeinerSent from my iPhone using Grasscity ForumEdit: I Also know a girl named marijuana

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