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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by 420 Medical, May 14, 2010.

  1. Man I just had a crazy thought...(while being stoned of course)... I can't think of a reason why you can grow any plant under the sun from god's green earth and it's ok, except bud.

    Why is it that you can light any tree, bush, plant or grass (safely of course) on fire and NOT go to prison except weed?

    God forbid you light a marijuana bush on fire and stand next to it, you might be committing a felony.
  2. You're not supposed to grow coca either, but I doubt any police person would recognize that plant.
  3. that's what I'm saying, but poppy plants you can, and I think that's what they make heroin out of, but I could be wrong, I don't do drugs.
  4. i dont understand how life can be outlawed, or patented.

    if anyone has ever seen food inc, then you know what im talking about. seed companies dont let farmers save their seeds. its fucked up.
  5. Its OK, that is starting to fail bigtime. Roundup ready crops are producting roundup ready weeds...

    U.S. Farmers Cope With Roundup-Resistant Weeds -

  6. Ha the poppy is our state flower, which is also the root of opium, but i think it's of a different species. But i do think it's pretty ridiculous that marijuana is the only Schedule 1 drug that is grown, harvested, and used all in the same state, like it never has to be messed with i.e. coke, crack, heroin.
  7. "Don't you think you think making nature illegal is a bit, I dunno, unnatural?" - Bill Hicks

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