Crazy looking storm cloud (pics)

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  1. This crazy storm was coming and at the front of the storm was this tidal wave of a cloud moving super fast and I had to stand there and look at it and decided to take some pics to share. This cloud went from the end of the horizon to over my head in a few mins it was crazy

    The first three pics are the whole cloud, I couldn't get it all in one shot I had to do three it was so big. The rest are the wave part coming over me

    Yes I'm high right now :)

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  2. and here comes the rain lol
  3. :eek: Looks like its going to raining a lot.

  4. yeah, so much for being ths sunshine state...
  5. Had fucked up lightning in beijing today...
    Usually lightning strikes, then thw thunder, then u wait a while, amd it strikea again.
    But today at like 4pm the whole city just went dark amd every three or four seconds there were lightning strikes going in all directions... Was pretty fucked up...
    Hope that made semse haha
  6. Its just funny how it rains every day during the summer in the sunshine state lol

  7. My family used to go to Disneyworld every summer and we learned this. Used it to our advantage, cause the best time to hit rides is during/ right after it rains cause people bail.

    And yeah, I saw some gnarly storm clouds every summer too

    beautiful sunsets though. better than where I'm from
  8. Yeah the sunsets here are beautiful. I love living here soo much
  9. Maybe science has misled me... but I think all clouds are 3D.
  10. thats some crazy pics.

    but i like em tho.

    can u imagin lookin up nd seein the eye of the storm?

    that be some crazzzzy shyt.

  11. been there and done that its pretty fucking crazy :eek:

    i remember one time i was driving with my girl and we saw this amazing cloud that looked kinda similar to this. and when i came home there was a thread about a trippy cloud and it was the SAME fucking cloud! turned out the poster and i lived in the same area lol

  12. Sunrises Are Beautiful too tho...
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    Thanks :)
  14. Nice, that's pretty cool. I saw some cool clouds a few days ago too.



  15. dude those clouds are trippy as fuck!!!
  16. those pics are sweeet..I love trippin on clouds..I'm gonna start snappin pics and dropping them off in this thread... :D

    I saw a crazy one the other day..looked like a huge mushroom cloud and there was a tiny rainbow coming out of the bottom. didn't think to get a pic though :( next time!
  17. Woah nice almost looks like it's moving fast.

    I take pictures of clouds when I'm faded.... they have to look cool tho.

    Best picture I've ever taken I guess y'all are free to copy haha and paste.

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  18. Intense! Nice photographs.
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    Nice pic man! Looks like a smiley face

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