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Crazy Like MacGyver...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bw2geek, Mar 27, 2004.

  1. So it's like 4:39am and I'm up because I'd been wicked stoned for like 3 days straight and I slept from 6am to 6pm. Oh well, there goes the day :) Anyway... I'm broke, bored, and sober so I might as well do something constructive and get some ideas for some stuff to do next time I'm stoned.

    Admittedly, I'm no seasoned stoner. I just started smoking up here away at school and my experience before that has been pretty much all pipe smoking. I've ripped a blunt once, but it wasn't really that good. The kids I was smoking it with drooled all over the tip and it was kinda nasty, but I was crazy fucked up.

    The important thing I experienced a few weeks ago was my first time with a bong. I went to a friend's house and her older sister had a nice foot and a half or two foot tall bong. It was a nice color changing glass piece with some artistic stuff on it, prolly cost her about 50-60. In any event, the diffrence between hitting my friend's (very nice at that) pipe and this bong was the diffrence between me pissing in a toilet and niagra falls. Truth be told, I was wicked high when I got there, and I smoked even more afterwards so I guess it could be just the whole "experience" I associate bongs with, but I really liked bongs after that.

    Fast forward to the present, a week or so ago. A friend of mine brought up the fact that her roommate was doing coke (she's doing that sniffing thing...) and we got on a conversation about smoking pot. after thinking about pot for two hours I might as well have handed my dealer $20... if I had a dealer at that time XD Through the course of the week I'd developed a pretty good idea of how to make a bong. I didn't go to classes on Thursday (I don't have classes on friday either) so I decided that the bong would be built.

    There's a picture attached of it. I made the bowl out of aluminum foil, the stem was a bic pen body and the bottle was a 20oz pepsi bottle. Fucker worked GREAT. The first bowl I packed was "ok", most likely because I did a shitty job at it. The weed we had was decent stuff, but not as great... or so I thought. The second bowl we decided to go all out, and since the bowl is pretty wide there was a decent pile in the bowl. I decided to dump all the shake on top of the pieces, and that turned out to be the best idea ever. Grimace (the name of the bong) ripped like a motherfucker! I took a huge hit where the bottle was white as bone, I thought I was going to cough up a lung! Towards the end, I remembered I had a PDA in my pocket, and proceeded to put on some sublime which my friend and I started to dance to.

    I've made two other bongs during my college career, their bowls were made from a salt shaker head wrapped in tin foil. I'm realizing the err of using the shaker, I might poke a hole in the top of the shaker head to allow more crap to get through.

    Anyway, now that my (entertaining to me heh) story is over... I'm curious what other macgyver-like types there are on this board. I'm thinking about trying to make a bong out of a pineapple, and this empty 1 liter pepsi bottle next to me is looking like my next target once I get some cash.

    Hope you enjoyed my ramblings... so what have you guys made? Post pics plz :)

    EDIT: I almost forgot! That pic was taken before I opened up a carb hole on the top.


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  2. Doesn't look bad for a homemade bong, buuuuuuuut stay away from aluminum foil! That stuff is not good for you. Go out and throw down a little bit on a nice glass spoon, it'd be much healthier for ya. Or if you like bongs, for like $40 you could get a nice little glass one.

    And P.S., a two foot nice glass bong would probably be alot more than $50 or $60.
  3. Good job. Now go make a bong out of gatorade bottle. Make sure it has chambers for ice cubes, and where you can add new attachments to increase its size. *thumbs up* thats what i did a long time ago. lol
  4. I made a real nice one out of a liter sized water bottle, though it didn't fill as nice as the 20ozer did. Maybe it was just less labor on my part (I made it in front of my friend at our smoke spot, blew their minds!) but it still hit pretty well. Just didn't look as cool as a huge bong hit usually does. The bigger the bottle isn't nesscessarily better- or so I've found. The liter bong might be the best combination of fluid capacity with the right ammount of airspace to take ong big lungful. I'll report back with how it goes :)
  5. I have never bought a piece, I always end up just making them. The bubbler with a slide was the best . . . . mmmm.

    You have to love your local hardware store!

  6. Yea man, Gatorade bottles used to be my weapon of choice, so to speak. If you can get your hands on a mini maglite they work wonders as the female piece. You just need a hack saw and 5 min to make it work. Then just add any real bowl that would work in a bong and *presto* you've got a great bong.
  7. Haha who cares how ghetto it was, I made sure all the seals were REAL good and it hit like a dream. I can honestly say that my homemade bong gave me the highest "one session" high I've ever experienced. Maybe it was just quality gear, but the bong performed :)
  8. ya dude gatoarde bottles ..lungs, bongs, waterfalls

    and gatorade propel bottles is that waht you meant? i dint feel like reading the whole thread
  9. Nice piece man just avoid the foil, I hope you have fun with that piece bw2geek, I remember my snorkal I miss it.
  10. i rather like my home made bong that i made on thursday out of a nalgene bottle, a big glass bottle, an old paintball barrel and some vinyl tubing

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  12. Lodo, that's an awesome smoking contraption! I love when bongs are all super-intricate and confusing to the eye. They're great sober, extra great when stoned, though 99.99% of the conversations about them probbably go like this:

    Stoner 1: "Dude... how do they do that?!"

    Stoner 2: "Maybe they... uhh... haha I don't know."

    Stoner 1: "Hey, pack another bowl."
  13. here is my home-made hookah (hits very nicely)

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  14. okay nice idea ill make 1 tonight
  15. Very nice dude, I like the use of clear tubing :) One of my favorite parts of acrylic or glass pipes/smokeware is how you can see the smoke... always cool

  16. Everyone else miss out on the brilliance of this young man's bowl? He used a salt shaker head for a bowl...brilliant! It already has all the holes in it and is a pretty big bowl..screw off too! Sheer brilliance, I might have to try this.
  17. Thats real good man looks awesome i like how you packed it up (with mj)when you took the pic makes it look alot better.

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