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  1. So this thread is to explain this situation as best as possible for everyone to understand, this is to retrieve my son back from Italy and back to the states. And I could use any advice.

    My son is 7 months old, he lives in Italy with his mother (my ex girlfriend).

    Along with his Grandmother who is the owner of the home they live in, she is 83ish year old woman with Alzheimer's. She has a lady that has to watch over her whenever my ex was here in the states.

    His mother is not a fit mother for a number of her own personal reasons. Just a flat out bad person, and its not because she is my ex trust me.

    K short and sweet I hope if there are any questions or you need to know more let me know, cause there is a lot to know too much to type.

    So my son was born in june and his mother was ignoring me at the time, she then showed up in the states 7 months pregnant without me knowing. And then has the baby without me knowing.

    So since I wasn't there for birth I couldn't get my name on the birth certificate. Why would she do this?

    So she can legally get my son a passport without my permission, so she can go to Italy.(which she did in October.)

    Between june and October I managed to get her to talk to me again and let me see the baby.

    And I did get to see him a lot. Me and the ex also developed more of a friendly relationship in that time. She even sent many pictures of my son to me while they have been Italy as well.

    I have wanted full custody of him as soon as me and her moved to Italy in the beginning of the year. (02/12)-(04/12)

    Ever since I did move to Italy I had lost everything here in the states thinking I was going to live in Italy to take care of my new family. So now I have been working my ass off to pay back people that had to send me thousands of dollars to get me back from Italy.(I am young, I was stupid and fucked up in the head during these times but I lived and learned)

    So after I pay everyone back I wanted to save up for a lawyer, which I think would cost around the $5k I think. Which is a lot of money for me, even after I get my financials taken care of in march. It would take me 8-12 months at least to save that amount of money.

    I want to act now though! The reason being is that, she attempted suicide last night and failed. So she is currently in the hospital, and as far as I know she is ok which I am glad for I promise. I do care about the mother of my child regardless what she has done to me.

    Anyway from what I know, is if you attempt suicide and go to the hospital you will get checked into psychiatric care. And from what I know of her, she could very well be there for a while.
    Again anything helps thank you so much.
  2. Dude bottom line is because you are not on the birth certificate there isn't s*** you can do in the Us without going to Italy and perusing that there. Birth certificate is the key.
  3. I know and this is something she would do on purpose. She lost her last son to social services 2 years ago he is also in Italy.

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  4. Anyone know a thing or two about the "Hague convention"?

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  5. I'd say wait til she loses the kid, pay for a blood test to prove you're his father and when he's in the system, apply for custody. Simplest, cheapest, solution in my opinion but it will cost all involved. There is no simple solution to your very complicated problem.
  6. go to court and file for full custody. I have similar type of experience. It will cost you some money but that's what you have to do.
  7. Would I go to a state court? ( where he was born) or like a federal court?

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  8. I would go to the Italy agencies and to the local agencies and file there. Her suicide will definitely make it easier for you to get custody.
  9. You could always call a lawyer and ask where to start. Much better than a weed forum IMO.
  10. You can go to court and fight this easily. She is obviously an unfit mother after she tried to commit suicide.
  11. i can't really give you advice but i feel ya on this one, that's really fucked up what she did man

    hope it works out
  12. Well she's doing ok and taking care of the baby now. I think I'm just gonna keep working hard and save up for a lawyer. Some day things will be right

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