crazy/kinda funny story?

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  1. this story is 100% true its kind of a long read bare with me.

    ok so the first time i took shrooms i was 17(3years ago) a friend of mine wanted to know if i could get him a ounce of shrooms and said i could eat a few for my troubles so on my way to drop it off i eat about 2grams after 20 minutes i feel nothing i decide to eat more i grabbed a handfull of FAT caps after i had dropped them off and got back home he calls back and tells me its only 17g(i know it weighed 28g the dealer scaled it in front of me)so in total i ate 11g after i told him that he just laughed and hungup.

    At this point im trippin so hard its unbelievable i actualy left reality i was driving down a street in my neiborhood and saw like a oldschool projection of my life on the houses and every house turns the same i tell my friend im far to fuckedup to drive and let him take over he wasnt trippin he schoferd me around town everything was a blur to me people looked like lego men i looked at all the cars passing which for some reason looked like a bunch of worker bees i decided we needed to pullover at the 711 for some cigs the clerk ask me what i need for what he said was 5min i was just looking past him at the wall literaly melting hes like are you alright my friend in an aribian voice i laughed to myself and said yea wheres the restroom?

    I went to rinse my face cause i was trippin and as i lift my head up from the sink i catch myself looking in the mirror my eyes and mouth literaly float of my face my friend comes in the restroom and says ive been in there 30mins and evidently i didnt notive but had thrown up nothing but shrooms in the 711 restroom floor im like shit lets get out of here we make it to his house sometime around 4am.Just as everything is starting to be chill his mom busts in fucked up on zanex bars looking like a zombie my friend is asleep so she asking me where the car keys are she ends up stealing the car and going to the hospital where she says she was carjacked(i know she sold it for drugs)i wake my friend up and tell him what happend

    so we call a friend to pick us up to pick is mom up the guy we called had such a badass car it was a 09tahoe on 28s with 412s in the back no joke well this guy was fucked up on pcp i dint know or i wouldnt have went well half way there this guy is like man im bout to die!im bout to die!im like wtf chill out im the 1 trippin he says no i just smoked so much sherm and crack hes going about 70mph where its a 40mph zone he runs a red light smashes in to a poor woman who flys out of her small honda and lands on the corner in a seizure the tahoe is completely totaled after we hit the honda we fliped and wrapped around a light pole im still trippin hard as fuckmind you so i decide the best move is to call 911 and just leave i start walking about a mile down the road guess who drove up the guy i had originaly got the shrooms for he picks me up we go to his crib its around 7am now he says he ate all 17g we start chillin smokin some blunts and listening to tech9 well this motherfucker screams satan and busts out his own house window and proceeds to cut himself like noteven a cut a huge gash on the side of his neck im like shit man im outa here.

    Im walking down the street about 10miles from my side of the city so i take a shortcut through this old junkyard its about 10am lol and yes i am still trippin but not half as hard as i was i get about half way through the junkyard and i see some kids brakin out car windows with their skateboards the only thought that comes to mind is damn its a little early to be doin that after that i hear a gunshot and some kind of dirtbike/4wheeler im like man wtf can i get a break i look to where the sound is coming from and about 5mexicans turn the corner(i guess they owned the junkyard) on 4wheelers with guns i take off runing and the skaters split up i had 3mexicans gaining on me i see about a 12foot wall(im 6ft) and i guess out of fear for my life i managed to make it over lighting fast as i cleared the wall i landed in a goldcourse rolled down a huge hill into a little sand inbankment luckly there was this cool ass guy with a golf cart that gave me a ride by this time my clothes are ripped and im bleeding from my head and throwing up all over their beautiful golf grass thats proably the craziest night of my life and the next day i heard 1 of the skater kids was shot in the foot while he was running
  2. Damn dude that was intense. But I don't see how you could really remember everything that well from 11g of shrooms.
  3. i know what you mean i left a couple small things out the only time i forget stuff is when im real fuckedup and i passout like on liqour i never went to sleep on these even after i was sober the next day i stayedup till the next night
  4. hhahahaha damn. 11g's is alot to take by yourself man.. and your buddy takin 17g's? thats a little far fetched but goodass story bro

  5. I didnt eat 11g on purpose and it was such a hard trip i havent done them sence lol im suprised you think thats the far fetched part

  6. :confused:

    a twelve feet high wall. TWELVE FEET HIGH.

    your six foot. SIX FOOT.


    theres not one way in hell you could have made that twelve foot jump. It HAD to have been 10 feet AT BEST.

    and thats coming from a 7' high jumper.

    Cool story bro.

  7. yea thats possible i didnt bust out a tape measure i jumped as high as i could and barely grabbed the top bricks then pulled myself up it was no smaller then 10feet forsure

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