Crazy joint lock on my roor

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  1. Alright guys, I have combed the Internet for a solution and have yet to find an answer. I was smoking with my roommate and apparently his lighter hit the bong and my bowl has been stuck jammed inside of my downstem since then. Ive tried the hot water method, freezing it, soaking it in 420 cleaner, heating up the joing, everything. Nothing is working because literally no liquid is getting into the locked joint. I dont think its water lock or resin because the bowl is so deep in the downstem. Honestly it's getting to the point where I'm considering just breaking my bowl and purchasing a new one.

    If anybody has any idea what to do, I'd appreciate the help. Thanks
  2. Hmm, if your feeling lucky grab some rubber gloves so u can get a really good grip, and try loosening it by spinning it. But i mean u might break stuff.
  3. Been there man! Try to carefully get some leverage on it and pry it out with a wooden spoon. That helped me with my redeye piece

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  4. The only thing that worked for mine was pouring BOILING hot water over the bowl and down stem and i twisted it with a rag (it took more than one attempt)
  5. If it still flows and you have access to a sink or some type of water flow, I would flow hot water through it for a while and then periodically stick something into it to try and wiggle it out in a circle. I am really surprised that freezing it did not work, are you sure that you waited long enough for it to freeze?
  6. Torch the joint slowley. A few secs on it, then try pulling it... Repeat till its off. This works for stuck nails.
  7. I would try soaking it in very soapy hot water for about 10 min. Then try the old spin off trick. Use gloves if your bowl is thin in case it cracks. Good luck!

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