Crazy, Insane Night (involving other GC members)

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  1. Ok so this saturday me and 3 homies, all of whom post here, set out to party. It was me, Kmouth Soldier, FranklyMrDankly, and fb3x. Anyways, on with the story. We go to this guy's house, we'll call him A. We get there and start drinking, rolling blunts, basic party bullshit. FranklyMrDankly disappeared some point in the middle of all this, we later discovered he was buying a couple hits of PCP.

    Later into the party fb3x was hooking up with this girl who strongly resembled a taller thicker version of Dora the Explorer. Out of nowhere the front door swung open so fast it broke off the top hinge, and a group of skinheads walked in. Long story short, it turned out that Dora was one of the skinhead's girlfriend. They ran up to fb3x and started kicking the shit out of him, he couldn't really do much because he's a bit of a pussy and slightly autistic. Seeing our friend in trouble Kmouth, FranklyMrDankly and myself ran in and started fighting targeting one guy at a time which proved to be an effective strategy. The skinheads pulled out a knife and slashed it at us cutting the tip of fb3x's pinky, it wasn't much though so he was fine after we iced it.

    At this point kmouth pulls out a gat, and everyone was in shock including us. We had no idea he was packing heat or that he was even capable of getting it. He just shouts "Get down negros!" and starts busting caps at them! We all ran but by the time we were outside cops were already there, I guess they were coming to shut down the party. FranklyMrDankly is tripping balls from the PCP at the time and is running around breaking walls and furniture. A bunch of squad cars ended up coming, dogs, even a couple armored SWAT trucks. They eventually subdue frankly.

    Now at the time I was doing nothing wrong besides being high. Anyways the cops were extremely pissed at this point and becoming agressive. A group of cops tackled me for no reason and started beating me. I told them I wasn't resisting arrest and to stop, I even begged them. One of the cops just shouted "FUCK YOU DAWG!!"

    I see fb3x being wrestled to the ground next to me and when they handcuff him I see a cop whisper something in his ear. Later when I asked him he told me that he said "Enjoy getting booty raped by black people in the pen, boy."

    We are currently trying to get the charges dropped on account of police brutality.

    Basically the moral of the story is: Don't fight with punk ass skinheads, don't bust shots in parties, don't do PCP, and fuck the po-lice.
  2. Best part. HAHA
  3. would make a great movie scene.
  4. lmfao
  5. fuckdude i hope we can get the charges dropde.. i am so fukin hi rite now :bongin: :bongin:

    so lucky i ditched the gun dude
  6. lol kinda skimmed over the pcp part at first but thats hilarious
  7. What the fuck. I'm callin bs.

  8. dude i call bs on u:cool:
  9. This story is no doubt some bullshit..

    if it was true.. youd be dumb as fuck..

    and LMAO at all the dialogue

    "get down negros" , "fuck you dawg"

  10. i guess its kinda funny but the dialogue is the exact thigns that those ppl said
  11. what???

    that shit was too funny but you can't expect people to believe that....

    it was funny though " Get down negros" to
  12. rofl

    Thanks for the entertainment!
  13. if any of this is true, the best part, all of everything was admitted right here right now hahahahhahHAAHHAGA asthof;gzdjskdfhjaskf i laugh at that!!!!!! Silence is the key to innocent when your not....
  14. So he pulled out a piece in the middle of a party and started blastin?You didn't hit nobody?
  15. nah.. all the negros got down..
  16. ^^^ ever wonder why gangs use 10 billion bullets a year and only end up hittin a few thousand hahahahhaha, no one can aim for fuckin SHIT, *statistics are all thanks to Sirsog's index of shit i make up because i can* hahahahhahahaa
  17. Shit,how'd I forget,that was the best part haha
  18. Nice troll. Just kidding.
  19. Your friend is an idiot for bringing a gun. I would never hang around someone like that, it's just asking for trouble...
  20. i brought a gun cuz i thought shit would go down.. and it did in case u missed it son! :wave:

    dude do u just stalk us....

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