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  1. I had this crazy idea: to grow a plant upsidedown in a closet. To have an upper chamber on the closet where the pot sits and to encourage stretching or maybe get a tall strain and train the branches to grow along a closet wall downwards or parallel to the ground? with bulb/blulbs in the middle of the closet.. would this maximize growth since gravity is helping to pull nutrients down to the branches/bud sites/leaves? and since the branches are trained like a vine along the closet walls would this maximize light penetration... i'm not much of a writer, hope everything is clear.. just a crazy idea tell me what u people think
  2. pretty cool idea try it with one plant. like a bagseed
  3. im not sure exactly how it would work but i have seen hydroponic systems upside down and they worked, so that should work also
  4. Hex,

    Stand on your does that feel? Mother nature has the roots on the bottom and the plant grows up for a reason. I see your idea but I am afraid it won't work. A plant knows which way to grow and forcing it to grow upside down with only cause it to try to turn and grow upwards. It would only stresss the hell out of it and lead to more hermies I would think. It doen't need gravity to get the ferts. to it's branches.
  5. well asronauts can grow plants in microgravity so i dont think gravity would be an issue for orientation but keeping the soil in the pot would be hard as shit, plus the light would have to be adjusted and if you run out of floor to put the light your fucked
  6. you can do that by manipulating the plant with the lighting.

  7. plants grow towards light, whether mother nature "likes it" or not. if you put the lighting at the bottom of the closet, then this would work. idk why youd want to but hey.

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  9. thanks for the input

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  12. in hightimes they have this gi gro thing where its a round cylinder with a hps light in the center and the plants rotate sea of green style around the light in a hydro setup? seemed like they grew to the light to me. look it up here
  13. Well try it if you want but while a plant will try to move towards light it will not grow upside down. While you can grow in ZERO gravity unless you have a way to have ZERO gravity here on earth your plant is going to be very unhappy. Take a sprouted seed that has a root already out. Fill up a clear drinking glass with soil and place the seed upside down with the root pointing up along the side of the glass so you can watch it. You will be amazed at how fast that root turns down to grow. Once it starts growing leaves the tops of those leaves will always do their best to face up no matter were the light is coming from. The idea is a good one just hang the light in the middle and place the plants around the outside edge of your growbox/room growing up.
  14. yea but the question is why? what is the advantage.
  15. i don't know if anyone has done it with pot and posted a bunch of pictures so everyone can see.​
  16. it says the tomatoes yeild better upsidedown :p but what i meant by "upsidedown" is have the roots rightside up in a pot on an elevated position and make it so the plant itself grows upsidedown towards the light lower in the closet, like a vine along the walls
  17. why...?

    jus scrog it if u want a vine-like setup

    i believe theres a type of scrog called a stadium if u want the light to be somewhat encompassed by the buds, then try that out
  18. Unfortunately, this method of growing does not work. Cannabis grows geotropically, meaning that roots will grow downward and tops will grow up in response to gravity. Placing the light beneath the plant will not cause it to grow straight down; it will bend back upwards and press against the lid of the hydro system. The roots will also bend down and try to grow down towards the plant. This not only limits the space in which roots and tops will grow, but causes an incredible amount of stress, slowing growth further. Not only that, but placing the light beneath the plant will give you horrible problems trying to control heat buildup. Hot air is less dense than cool air, and will rise upwards towards your dangling plants. Your light, as a result, will have to be placed a great deal further from your canopy, decreasing lighting efficiency. This is not just theorization, I have seen pictures of this technique attempted at Overgrow (R.I.P.), and everyone who has tried it had terrible results.

    The system that WeedKrazy420 mentioned does not suffer from this problem because the entire system rotates. The force of gravity pulls down on the plants from all sides equally, cancelling out geotropism. The designers of the Omega Garden refer to this effect as orbitropism, and claim that it actually increases yields. I have my doubts though, I think they only see increased yields because the sytem uses verticle lighting (although they're doing it horizontally).

    However, you are on the right track with your line of thinking. If you would like to explore new techniques using lighting placement, I suggest researching verticle growing. It involves suspending your light bulbs vertically with no reflector, and surrounding the bulb with a circular plant canopy. The benefits of this system are extraordinary: lighting efficiency can be doubled, and space efficiency tripled. Let me know if you'd like more information on the matter.

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