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  1. k so i had a crazy idea that if you can make a sploof using fabric softener, do you think that if you made a reverse bong (a bong where you blow into it and it filters the smoke your blowing out) and fill the bong with something like liquid clothes detergent like tide, do you thihnk it would yield any results similar to a sploof?
  2. No, the results would be tragic, please don't try this
  3. So you want to have a second bong that you fill with laundry detergent and sheets of fabric softener to blow into?

    Sounds a little unnecessary to me, not to mention that a plastic bottle or a toilet paper roll work just fine...
  4. I had this idea the other day.
    Main reason was because I'm outta dryer sheets.

    The idea was to have a straw and blow bubbles into fabric softner just like blowing bubbles in milk.
  5. And inhale fumes from the detergent? No thanks.
  6. alot of u people didnt understand what hes saying....having a second bong like thing that u can blow the smoke into.....using laundry detergent or something as the liquid and blowing the smoke into it not breathing it in.

    i think it would caus to much trouble then using a sploof.
  7. Blowing down the diffuser, lol not sucking on the tube. Don't waste your time, blow kush in your daddies face :p or buy some frickin dryer sheets :)
  8. Don't they sell factory-made sploofs?
    I think I remember seeing an activated carbon sploof at the head shop down the road.
  9. Buy some dryer sheets... you're going to need them for laundry anyway..
  10. I use liquid fabric softener :p

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