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  1. I have a pet gecko. He's awesome and lives in a terrarium.
    I was ripping my bong, and I thought to myself... well lizards live with plants right?

    Boom. Vertical terrarium where my lizard lives with my plant.

    I understand that I'd need a big terrarium, but it shouldn't be a big deal. Some low ryders are a possibility.

    my only concern was lighting. But I feel like if I get both, the lights from my reptile, and the lights for growing, it shouldn't be an issue.

    It'd be a project, but a cool one forsure.


    reptile reefer anyone?
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    Hell of an idea, i'd just be concerned that your lizard would be making Charas while you we're gone you would come home to something like this

  3. This sounds badass. PleAse do a journal!
  4. Idk you should read around and see how much heat and humidity the gecko can take. Remember your thinking about doubling the lights, which means more heat for the gecko. I have 2 Kenyen Sand Boas which are sensitive to the amount of heat and humidity. Pain in the butt however they are fun to feed! Good Luck!
  5. I agree, not a good idea. Your pet could eat the plants and get sick, or even just eat the plants and not get sick, it definitely will be releasing waste byproducts into the grow area and maybe right onto your bud, the light for your plant may be way too much for your pet, your grow soil and/or nutes could be bad for your animal etc etc.
  6. Perhaps organic soilless, could be done plants would give enough shade for the lizard as well as 76-80 is more than comfortable for them
  7. Help your animal, and your plant, keep them separate.
  8. I can see this being a solid idea, but I think the logistics of it would harm either or both :(
  9. Are you experienced with fish? Why not try aquaponics for a sustainable environment?

    You can also eat the fish!

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