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Crazy idea - would it work?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by True Serenity, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Hey Forum!

    So recently I've decided to take a little T-Break, because of family issues... I was caught smoking hash basically, and I had a long talk with my mom.

    She's the kind of person who cannot be talked out of the propaganda and negative sides of cannabis, and there is no use, there's only abuse. I really tried to talk to her about this, though I stood chanceless. It is alright, she's just one of those persons who can't wrap her head around it.

    I live in Norway, and I am Norwegian, though. So that might also be why there's a really poor information base. People are basically oblivious to the fact that the alcohol they drink EVERY weekend, is hurting their body more than some sweet plant...

    So I've been on t-break for two weeks now, and so far everything is great. I must say that I'm pretty serious about this thing, and I promised my mom that I would not smoke in this house, nor be intoxicated on cannabis in her home. That is a promise I intend to keep.

    At the moment, I am sort of in this gray area, though. I can't decide if I'm breaking my promise if I smoke somewhere else, though it would only be for special occasions, like my cousin would visit (He lives in London)... Or when I go to Holland for this summer...

    My mother has "threatened" me about urinal tests. She actually said I had to do once every week, starting two weeks ago, but she hasn't made me do anything yet.

    Leave that bit for me to figure out, my question is:

    If I plan to smoke a weekend, could I piss in a container, being clear of THC, and then if I had to, deliver the piss to my mother 1-2 days later? It would be possibly about... 12-48 hours old. She would take the samples to a drug tester or something, but I guess they don't check the age or who the piss belongs to?

    Please don't flame me for making "another will I pass thread"... I think this one is specified and wouldn't be covered in a FAQ thread....

    Thank you all in advance for possibly great and quick replies! :smoke:

    - Serenity
  2. You can not use old piss...

    If it's a home test kit, just put a few drops of bleach and you'll end up with a result that is not negative and not positive. Eventually you're mom will be like wtf and stop testing you :smoking:

    -Scooby Dooby Doo ;)
  3. Alright. It's not a home test kit, but she would take my urine, in a container, to a place where they would perform the test. Is 12 hours really that old, though??

    Eventually, someone else piss would work?

  4. If you refrigerate it, it should last at least 24 hours give or take. If you freeze it it may last up to a year. In room temperature however, it'll only survive 8 hours tops until your urine starts breaking down (creatine, ph, etc gets jacked up).

    OR, you could use Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. Works 100%
  5. Thank you for replying!

    Alright, I see what you mean, but also, I can't get the Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. In Norway this sort of stuff is very rare. Though I have heard of something that will possibly clear your urine for a few hours, which can be found at headshops... And there is one in my city, fortunately.

    Refrigerating it is not an option at this time, considering we are share the same refrigerator, and they would definitively find it... It's very cold outside, +4 - -4 degrees Celsius. Approx the same as a refrigerator. Would this possibly work?

    If there cannot be a good solution for this, then no worries. I'm sure I'll be able to sustain from smoking :)

    Though I want to! :smoke:

    - Serenity
  6. "she would take my urine, in a container, to a place where they would perform the test."
    ----she is bluffing-if you don't look stoned she will most likely not ever test your urine. I commend you for your promise don't chief in her house, but if you go to Amsterdam and stay sober then I think you should be on a permanent t break.
  7. Yeah I see what you mean. I honestly think she just wanted to scare me out of it. Whenever she'd ask me something about smoking, and I'd reply her with something pro-cannabis, she'd tell me that I needed to go to see a drug specialist, who'd tell me all about the negative sides of cannabis, and only propaganda.

    So I guess it's not that serious. But I wouldn't want to risk it... I will smoke when I go to Holland. :smoke:

    - Serenity
  8. Since you're 18, move out, and make your own decisions.....
  9. Well yes I am. But in your right mind, is it really that simple?

    What about economy?

    I'm studying, making no money. I have a weekend job, but it is not enough. I'll be an electrician apprentice next year, and I'll be making more money. Not much, but possibly enough...

    If it all goes like planned, I'll be getting an apartment with my cousin, who is my best (t-buddy) friend.

    But for now, it's not a possibility.

    - Serenity
  10. All I can say is if you go Holland you HAVE to smoke. Especially if you go Dam.

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