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Crazy idea for stealth smoking

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Borborygmus, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. So crazy it just might work.:smoke: What if, you got an air tight, water proof tube, and took a hoot in the bathroom, then blew it into the water, or even into like a bucket of water. If you blew it into the water in the toilet, you could then flush the toilet, or maybe just a bucket of water would help reduce the odor?? Maybe a different liquid would work bettter?? Maybe it would help, and you could use a regular sploof then put it in water to make your sploof even better??

    Probly not though haha, probably just a dumb highdea:smoke:
  2. You ever fart in the bathtub?
  3. I blow all of my hits into maple syrup, and then i eat pancakes.
  4. Blowing into water creates bubbles. Bubbles float

  5. Maybe blow it in as you're flushing the toilet, and the smoke would go down:confused_2:
  6. Only one way to find out!
  7. You can't flush air. Lol
  8. I'm sure some air gets in there when you flush.

    I think there are better ways though.
  9. Its like a bong so no
  10. [quote name='"StarKist"']Its like a bong so no[/quote]

    K so a bong filters the smoke, would a bucket filter it wAy more, to absorb the smell?
  11. Ever try blowing into something with no opening at the end?
  12. do u have a window and a small fan?
  13. It always pisses me off when i see noobs on grasscity talking about how to hide to smell from their parents. If you live with your parents step outside and smoke u fucking noobs.
  14. i think a vape might be a bit easier in the long and short run lol
  15. sometimes i poke holes in my sandwiches so i can put my joint in there, and smoke and eat at the same time
  16. get a ballon...blow all the smoke into it and tie it up.
  17. [quote name='"thatrooper515"']You ever fart in the bathtub?[/quote]

    Omfg. Lmao. Real talk I love that smell.

  18. Lol I don't smoke at home when my parents are home, and when they aren't home I go outside. I just thought it might work for people that do have to hide it. I'm sorry that you got so upset though, have a hoot n chilll

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