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  1. I'm not an experienced smoker by any means(started just a few weeks ago), but it just totally caught me by surprise just how high I could actually get, so I'd like to tell you guys about it.

    Just after I finished smoking a bowl of really dank weed, I lay down on my bed. At first, it hit me like any other high. Super relaxed and just a general chill high experience.

    All of a sudden, it started to REALLY hit me. I was transported to a completely new reality, it was incredibly soothing, very very dreamlike and surreal. I knew where I was and what was happening, but at the same time, I didn't feel like I was in my room at all. A thunderstorm started outside(don't know if it was real or if I imagined it) and I was convinced I was on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic. I felt the room tilt forwards, backwards, sideways and heard the waves splashing against my windows. My entire body started shaking uncontrollably, which was probably the thunder getting me a bit anxious(I was on a ship in the Atlantic during a thunderstorm!). As time progressed, the twitching became worse and worse and my heart felt like a motor that was spinning like crazy(at this point, I think I was having a small panic attack). I thought my body would explode eventually and that I actually might have to go to the hospital, even though I knew very well before starting that I would be totally fine. Lucky for me, I put on some random chill music from youtube, my muscles slowly calmed down and eventually started melting. I think 10 minutes in, I thought my muscles were twitching again, but I quickly realized they were actually vibrating to the music. The best way to describe it is that every muscle in my body was a string that embodied the entire composition. It started out with only my muscles, but eventually every single atom in my body was vibrating. It felt like I was listening to music for hours when the music stopped for a few minutes, and I thought I broke time or something, because it felt like everything around me just froze. I eventually came back to reality(even though I was still pretty high), so I just chilled for a while, watching a few episodes of house of cards and eventually passed out.

    Overall this trip was pretty amazing and intense, I've heard about people having these trippy experiences, but I never thought it would feel so real. I always felt more imaginative when high, but never have I come to a point where I was actually convinced reality had changed. Now I have a few questions regarding my experience.

    From a scale of 1 to 10, how high do you guys figure I was?

    Any ideas on what to do when getting panic attacks? The beginning of the trip I was really concerned that I wouldn't be able to control the anxiety and getting rid of this feeling took a lot of effort.
  2. "Any ideas on what to do when getting panic attacks? The beginning of the trip I was really concerned that I wouldn't be able to control the anxiety and getting rid of this feeling took a lot of effort."

    Exactly what you did that time - relax, because you know things will be cool.
    How old are you?

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  3. Highest Ive ever got was the first time smoking in my adult life as a kid it was eh. But that first time as an adult I was so high it was like I was having mini blackouts as if everyone second or so everything would just go black and no I wasn't blinking.. I just had no tolerance because I hadnt smoked in years and went through two bunts back to back in an hour. Now I dont even really get high and I smoke weed thats way stronger. You're not smoking before school are you?
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    LMAO if it get a little heavy why that all part of the fun.
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  5. @ICGreen
    I'm 20 and have been smoking since I was 17. It did turn out totally awesome in the end, best high I've ever had by far. I just wish there were a good way to really calm my nerves, because if the entire high were like the first few minutes, I think I would've called an ambulance and obviously I wouldn't want to go through the hassle.
  6. What the hell the kids on these days...
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  7. Dunno, but I'm very thankful for it lol

    Might be important to add that I do live in Holland though, quality is pretty good because of competition
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  8. @TimToke - I’m guessing you may have been smoking a Sativa variety - what you experienced is much more prevalent with a true old school Sativa than with an Indica or cross.

    Of course I’m just guessing here but do you remember what type of herb you were using?

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    Actually, it was white widow, which I was told at least was a pretty well balanced strain(the quality is really good though). To be fair my tokerance is ridiculously low.

    Now I want to know what happens when I smoke the gram amnesia I got lying around lol
  10. I know the perfect way to find out... lol

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