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  1. "dated" this girl, when really she wanted to be just friends....

    but anyway, i went to chill at her house and watch a movie one night. i was pretty baked and she knew i smoked. but i never told her when i was high and such, so it was all in the dark.

    anyway, so im sitting there watching the movie and she puts on a blanket over herself. im like wtf, its not cold. she starts moving slowly under the blanket. At first i thought maybe she had an itch, but after a while she started breathing a little faster and moving faster thinking i wouldnt notice. She was legit fingering herself right next to me.

    at this point i cant be like "are you really doing that?" because its too late. I already sat there for like 30 mins while she played herself while my high ass was sitting there trying to figure things out. I had no fucking clue what to do, i just finished the movie and went home. turns out she thought i was tripping on shrooms that night, i really wasnt though

    i havent told anybody this
  2. :eek:

  3. [​IMG]
  4. haha i knew this ws coming, but seriouslyy....i donty know man
  5. You fucked up son.
  6. haha that sucks man, were you just nervous or awkward feeling or something? Next time be sure not to make that mistake.
  7. She wanted you to smash her guts dude!
  8. hahaha,that's funny stuff :laughing:
  9. qell yea i was high as fuck. haha, and yea it was my first thing closest to any type of a relationship. to be honest it was rude she has the balls to do it in front of me and not invite me.

    but honestly, what would you have done????

    "let me jut sneak in there real quickkk" like a sly fox?
  10. Dude, she's a keeper, any girl that open would be down with anything. U shit the bed

  11. turns out she wanted to be only friends and found her soulmate that turned out to be a girl....

    so she was a lesbian this whole time? i am forever fucked
  12. Hmmm then next time you should share the blanket and start up yourself, good story anyways
  13. next time?

    shit like this doesn't happen very often.. :p

  14. I probably would've just asked her if she was masturbating haha, if she got embarrassed and stopped then I would just laugh about iut. If she said "yep" continued it then I'd make a move lol

  15. lol I mean next time he's with a girl not to freeze up.
  16. not invite you? im pretty sure you have the green light if she is trying to get her nut on right next to you.

    I would have laid the smack down on your girl since your obviously too big of a vagina to do it yourself. No wonder she just wants to be friends.
  17. You should've asked her if she wanted to play with something else (your penis). Damn, shit like this doesn't fucking happen in NC. I need to move out of this bitch.
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    Invite you....? You stupid fucking virgin I dont think she needed to invite you, was it not obvious she wanted the dick..?


    Name Calling is Not Allowed in The City...Please Refrain From doing so in The Future!!! **unoit**
  19. Incorrect my fellow blade, it does! Seek and ye shall find!......believe me:cool:
  20. Hello toxicfumes,i got a question for ya,did you have condoms?

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