Crazy Experience. (Kinda long and NSFWish)

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  1. So, this just happened about 45 minutes ago.
    I have a study group at college.  I'm 29, so I'm obviously older than most of the kids at my university, but that's alright.  One of the girls in the group is a nice, shy little Korean girl that is about 2 years younger than me.  She's a total bookworm, quiet and really keeps to herself.  But, the other day I get to talking to her when we were working on our project and among our little exchanges of information, she mentions that her Aunts have opened up a new business.
    I'm making chit-chat because she's kinda cute and she tells me her Aunts' business is a day spa located in a certain plaza in town.  I tell her that the plaza is literally with a two minute walk from my house.  All I basically have to do is cross the street and turn the corner and it's right there.
    She gets all excited and pulls out a business card and begins to write something in Korean on the back.  She hands it to me and tells me to go to the spa today after class and hand them this card.  She said the card will get me a free massage and it mentions that her and I are class friends. 
    I figured, "What the Hell..." and went there after class.  I called my wife beforehand and she told me to go for it, even making a joke about a happy ending.  We both laughed.  Oh, what a moment of foreshadowing that was.
    I get to the spa and it's really nice inside.  Much nicer than what the little humble entrance leads you to believe.  Everything is clean, warm, fresh, and well taken care of.  I hand the little five foot Korean woman the card and she quickly ushers me to a private room.  Her English is decent and she tells me to undress and change into this robe.  She leaves the room and I quickly change and wait on the massage table.  She comes back in, grabs my hand, and leads me to the spa room. 
    She tells me to disrobe, pop on a towel and hop onto this bed covered in a foam mat, with warm water raining down on it.  She turned around when I did all this and hopped on up.  She washed me down, and that's where it began to get weird.  I noticed that kept "accidentally" grazing my balls and gooch area and would ask each time, "Good?"  Which I responded with "Not so low." 
    She did that a few more times with the same results and the shower ended.  I dried off, robed up, and made my way back to the massage room with a warm inviting bed to hop on in.  She came in after I had disrobed again and was laying on the bed draped in a towel.  She asked how I liked my pressure and I said firm.  She immediately gets to work on my back and neck and it feels fuckin' fantastic.  The hands of a true pro.  I do lots of lifting for work and I hadn't had a professional massage in years.  It was great.  About 20 minutes go by and she begins to work her way down my back and butt area.  She again begins to graze my balls again and asking if it was good.  This time I said, "No, that's too low and you can keep working your way back up."  I must have this quickly and muffled because my face was still kind of buried in the bed and there was some music playing.  She gives me a look of slight, angered puzzlement and eventual acceptance and walks out.  I thought I had pissed her off and she was getting the manager and asking me to leave.
    She comes back in a few minutes later with another Korean woman and I thought for sure I said something that offended her and they were going to ask me to leave.  The first lady tells me to lay down and at this point, I'm thinking they're going to be doing that crazy shit and walking on me back or something.  But, to my growing horror, one of the women begins to glove up with some rubber gloves and completely slathers her hand in some type of lube. Then, I get really freaked out.
    I sit up and they try to press me down and ask me if I want it hard or slow and how many fingers I wanted.  I bucked like a horse off that table.  I told them there must have been some mistake and that I in no way wanted this.  I thought I was just getting a massage. The second lady that was brought in didn't speak any English and looked at me with wide eyes and lube spilling from her gloved hand.  I quickly dress as they are watching and I clumsily open the door and make my way out.
    Both of them peered halfway from the doorway with big smiles and waved bye in the most friendliest way possible.  I walked out and back home looking like I had just seen a ghost. 
    I've texted my Korean partner about what happened and haven't a response yet.  I've told my wife and she peed herself a little laughing incredibly hard about it.
    I'll update later with what my Korean friend's response was.  Should be somewhat interested.
    I need to get baked.

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  3. Sooooooooooooooooooo... why didn't you get the happy ending again???
  4. I'm married and they wanted to shove their fist or fingers into my tight, virgin asshole.
  5. 10/10 would read again.
    Someone has never had a prostate-gasm... 
  7. Where's this place at I'm tryna go.. Can u get me that free card hookup? If she touch my balls and ask good? I'll say yes
  8. Your username is heinous anus with a post abo-you know what this cannot be a coincidence

    Trying to get equally in my right mind
  9. 9.9/10
    No such things as perfect in my book, but damn good.
  10. lol that girl u got the card from set you up card said "one order of finger anal"
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    Two thumbs up
  12. OG delivers a banger.

    10/10, HA.
  13. I laughed. Well played, OP.
  14. Tell the truth OP

    the real super sand

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    You know, I honestly didn't think of that, haha.
    Yeah, sorry about that.  I got hammered with a bunch of work and school stuff, so I forgot to respond.  My Korean friend came up to the next day and asked what happened.
    I gave her the full run-down of what happened and she kept apologizing with the most embarrassment I've heard in anyone's voice.  The next day, she came up to me and told me that her Aunts find my white-boy look to be very exotic and pleasing and couldn't resist asking if I'd care for a "full release."
  16. So they just do this if they like what they see?
  17. No bullshit, my mom used to own one of those places lol.

    She actually opened 2 but handed it to her friend when it got hot

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