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  1. OK. I took like 4 small hits and 1 giant pull off a blunt, on the last puff i took too much and coughed so much I was on the verge of throwing up (straight coughing for 2 minutes). I sat down and everything got super fucking dizzy. My friends started talking but everything was muffled. I kept blanking out and felt like I was going to die. My friends advised me to walk around but I didn't want to because I felt sick. They wanted me to go in the water (we were at my pond) but I knew people who drowned from being high or drunk so I told them no. I was sitting down by the tire of the truck when all the sudden I opened my eyes and I had my toes in the water. I was freaked out and walked back up to the truck. I told myself I wasn't going to smoke again. I sat in the truck for probably 30 minutes with the radio blasting and the only thing to drink being a rockstar. After that they told me a little kid was coming and I should act cool, after he left I got out and sat on the dirt part of the road. I noticed everything got a LOT slower including the plane sounds going by. The grass waved back and force in slow mo. Then the car radio sounded distorted. I laid down and closed my eyes, awesome cartoons appeared whenever I did so. I acted like I was playing the piano and I saw red and blue when I squinted my eyes and a piano on my lap. Weird shit, right? I did a few failed backflips to make my friends laugh after that and the high calmed down. My eyes were very dilated and red. My friends didn't believe I was high until they saw my eyes and their reaction was priceless. I have been buzzed but never high. I know it wasn't laced too. Is this normal? It kinda felt like a out of body experience.
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  2. congrats thats yer first REAL high! :hello:
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  3. Long story short, he got high.
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  4. who do/did you know who drown'd from being "high"?
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  5. A few people in my state but mostly for being drunk. My friends wouldn't let me enjoy the high, they forced me to "snap out of it". It was a "bad trip" in a sense.
  6. a few!?! i smell a wives tail turned generalzation!
  7. That's still pretty crazy, give smoking another chance in a little while but if you have the same sort of crazy experience, I would stay away.
  8. You got what we used to call super fucking stoned. Bad trip only because your friends let it be one. No need to snap you out of it. Just relax. Go with it. Be prepared with drinks and snacks. The first time I got really high. Two minutes felt like an hour. I felt like my eyes were actually lower than where I was looking out of my head. Happened one time the first time. Never again was I or will I be that high from weed. Every Now and then if I'm exhausted and I smoke when I close my eyes I get the hallucinations. I like them though.
  9. Sounds like a circulatory colapse to me which actually isnt that unusual especially considering that you coughed so much after you took the hits. Next time try to lie down feet up on sth and get your breathing under control so you can enjoy the trip rather than torturing yourself for the first couple of minutes ;)
  10. Haha I remember freaking out inside a public church high as fuck at age 16. Every single person at the church looked at me and knew I was stoned and would salute me and I'd just laugh and eat since it was there was so much food.

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  11. I remember My First Green-out :smoking-bong:
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