Crazy Drivers

Discussion in 'General' started by blue collar, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. Why do people insist on making a turn into 3 Lanes of on coming traffic right at a main intersection. Why not go with the on coming traffic and turn around and come back. It would save ya a whole lot of time and not to talk about pissing a whole lot of people off.
  2. People just think they can do anything they want when they're on the road... i sometimes fall in to that category unfortunatly but some peopel take it too far. A couple days ago when i was comming back from hanging out with a couple of my friends smokin@ his house... i was driving back home,then i reach an intersection and i got a little confused on who had the right to turn... so there was a bit of confusion... me moving 3 ft then stopping.... and the other vehicle repeating the same step i just did... after about 2 times of doing this... the other car full of people, thinking that he was cool... got impatient and sped off while flipping me off. Thankfully i was stoned at the time and thought it was funny. (true story)

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