Crazy dreams when sick

Discussion in 'General' started by BakedPenguins, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. I have a horrible headache, one of the worst I've had in years actually :( Basically been in bed sleeping and browsing grasscity.

    For about the sixth time today I fell asleep. This time I had a very vivid dream...

    So I was sitting at my house idk just chilling when the government called me up (for some reason they talked like darth vaider...) They told me my request to own one chinstrap penguin was granted. (I love penguins, if you couldnt tell by the name) I was fucking ecstatic and next thing I know I'm at some sketchy ass apartment, one where you'd buy stuff like fake shrooms, pcp, etc. and he handed me a box with one of the little guys in it.

    Next thing I know I'm walking my penguin, who had no name, around my neighborhood. All my neighbors that drove by me looked so happy for me like I had just had a new born baby. Then as we were kicking a soccer ball back and forth i suddenly woke up from the dream and had this horrible realization, I HADNT FED MY PENGUIN THIS MORNING.

    Whenever Im sick I'm paranoid I'm gonna forget to feed my dog and cat (cuz it's happened before) I jumped out of bed, ran downstairs, went the pantry then it hit me. That was a dream...

    I literally couldn't tell the difference from my dream and reality. Typing this took like 20 minutes cuz I'm so fucking light headed.

    Has anything like this happened to you when you were dreaming while extremely sick? I'm pretty sure a lot more happened cuz I awoke sweating like a pig, but I can't remember all of the dream :(

    NOTE: I haven't toked at all today, I prefer not to when I have headaches usually just makes the pain more intense :/
  2. I love penguins, my favorite animal too. Just sayin. :D

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