Crazy Dream Psycicnessity

Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. Damn! I dont know if ive said anything about this before, but ive always been somewhat psycic, usually through my dreams (i tend to dream about things that happen in the next few days)

    Anyways, a couple weeks ago my friend came over. He's the ONLY black kid in this town, i swear to god. Anyways hes home for the 2nd day after being out of jail, he was there 6 months. Hes over for the first time in 8 months, and later that night he leaves. the next morning we cant find my friends brand new 120$ pipe, which SUCKS! now the kid was always a theif, i mean, he was just out of jail for car theft and all kinds of shit (hes a street kid and gets off easy all the time. he once was in a high speed chase in a stolen vehicle, crashed into someone else, took off on foot, and was tackled down by a cop dog, who found his fresh new ounce. he had to spend the night at the police station for that one... thats all)

    but back to my story. everyone obviously suspects the black kid fresh outta jail for stealing the pipe. i know theres just no way he did, he wouldnt steal something from my house.


    Last night i had a dream inwhich i found a dope new pipe! i was soooooo happy.

    well this morning i realized i found no pipe, and got mighty pissed off. i have this home made 3 man hookah im fiddling with right now. i go into my garage to find some adhesive, real strong shit. i finally find some in this dusty old box at the back of the garage. i pick up the adhesive, and low and behold, theres the MISSING PIPE!!!

    How the FUCK it got there ill never know....? Very wierd, the night before it went missing i saw it on the table in my room. we never saw it after that, untill i find it in some random box im looking in for some random glue that i need for my random bong blah blah blah

    odd circumstances, and the dream the night before just topped the whole thing off.

    Anyways my friend is now clear again... although my wallet is still missing from the same night. i guess it doesnt help that i had taken 8 z bars that night...

    oh well.
  2. Psycic

    Abilty to be psycic = psycicness

    during the use of the ability to be psycic = psycicnessity

    hahaha, i like making up long words when i stoned. Its called makelangualigion. hahahah.

  3. sry adambc! this 'potpixie' has been playin with your dreams!!

    i visit many of u when u sleep muaaahahahaha...........
  4. no other explanation needed it's me alright.

    some of u have some naughty dreams!!!:D
  5. xanbars...enough said... who knows what happened to the stuff, cause your not gonna find it and if you do it'll be a few days down the line in the most obscure places ever....

    just feel lucky you didn't wake up on a fishing boat bound for nova scotia....
  6. hahahah but thats the wierd thing!!

    it didnt seem like i forgot anything. i remember seeing the pipe on my table before i fell asleep, but then it wasnt there when i woke up??

    anyways, we've explained it all!!

    damn pixies get outta my head!!! and zonedude, you know to much, i think your in on it....

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