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crazy day with man who broke every bone in his body

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RenegadeReefer, Aug 11, 2011.

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    Hey guys, i've been cruising these forums for a while but decided that this story was post-worthy so i'm making my first post! This is a true story about what happened to me today. It's a long post but i promise it's worth the read!

    two years ago i read a story in the newspaper about a man who got t-boned by a large truck at a busy intersection, and he broke almost every bone in his body. He broke several vertebrae, his neck, arms, ribs, and completely shattered his legs. The doctors told him that it was next to impossible for him to ever walk again.

    i'm currently working at the pool as a lifeguard for the summer, and today this fairly fit guy on crutches comes to the pool. turns out it's the same guy that got in the horrific car accident. he comes to the pool to do the water exercise classes as part of his physical therapy, and i guess the water exercises is a low impact workout. Anyways this guy looks fairly fit, and you would never guess that he broke almost every bone in his body and that he was bed ridden for over a year after his accident. His one leg is still badly damaged and hasn't fully recovered, but he can limp without his crutches and move around with his crutches like a champion!

    so after work, i'm leaving the pool and i see him sitting outside on a bench. i was in awe at how much this guy had recovered, so i wanted to congratulate him and just have a casual conversation. after talking for a couple minutes, he asks me if i have a lighter and i say yes, and then he pulls out a pretty small joint and asks me if i'd like to share it with him! of course i say yes and we spark the thing up. he doesn't even have his card to smoke medical marijuana, which is pretty sad, but as i'm sure many of you know the whole medical marijuana system is extremely flawed.

    he then goes on to tell me that he can't drive because of his one bad leg, and says his wife usually has to drive him around in his car. he then points to a BRAND new Bentley Continental GT in the corner of the parking lot. i was like :eek: omg. to anyone who doesn't know what kind of car this is.. google it. unfortunately i didn't have my phone with me and couldn't snap a pic :( i'm not sure if he was really rich before his accident or if he got a huge settlement from it, i didn't ask, but this car was fucking sick. he says he doesn't know where his wife is (the pool is located at a facility where there's lots to do.. there's a park, pathways, soccer fields, etc. and asks me if i wanted to go for a drive!

    at first i couldn't believe it, i was thinking no way did this guy just ask me to drive his brand new $300,000 car, but he was serious. i say yes and we take off in this beautiful piece of machinery. i can't even explain how amazing this thing felt to drive, i was in heaven (especially because i love cars.. and bentleys.) so we're cruising around and i invite him back to my house to swim, have a few beers and smoke some more weed. he texts his wife and agrees to come back to my place to chill.

    so we go back to my house and chill out, have some drinks, roll up some joints of my dank weed (his wasn't great) because i happened to have bought a half oz the day before :smoking: so we burn through a couple grams and after a few hours of chilling i drive him home.

    after i drove him home as i was waiting for my friend to pick me up since i was now rideless, i took a couple grams out of my bag of weed and handed him the rest, told him i wanted him to have it and that if he ever wanted weed i would hook him up (i had to give it to him, i can't imagine breaking every bone in my body, this guy deserved it) and he thanked me, he was so appreciative. there was a gram or two more than a quarter left in the bag.

    then my friend picked me up and as we were driving home a cop pulls us over. i wasn't tripping out or anything since i gave the rest of my weed away, but this cop comes up to the window, asks the usual questions and stuff, and asks my friend why he was driving so fast (he was going about 20mph over the speed limit.) he then hands my friend back his registration and license and tells him to slow down, and walks back to his car without even giving us a ticket! :hello: dodged a bullet there, i have no idea why my friend didn't get a ticket, maybe just a chill cop who realized young guys like to drive fast on the open road, i dunno! anyways my friend drops me off and i am now writing this post for you guys!

    so that's what happened to me today GC, i wanted to share it with you because it was an amazing experience to meet such a happy guy considering what he went through, and i got to drive one of the nicest cars on the road.
  2. I can say this 100% sarcasm free:

    Cool story bro.

    For real, that's epic as all hell. You probably really made that guy's day too. Soooo jealous of the car ride.
  3. thanks man, i can't even explain how it feels to be behind the wheel of a 575HP 6.0L V12 engine.. in a luxury car too. it was amazing.
  4. Damn dude that's tight as fuck he sounds like a straight bad ass.
  5. That may have been Evel Knievel. :cool:

    Pretty interesting read though, good first post too.
  6. cool story bro alot better than most of the crap i see on here
    but the big question........did you suck his dick?
    j.k bro
  7. Sounds like a really cool experience.
  8. i have a feelin he gonna reward you
  9. he's definitely a bad ass, haha. and thanks for the "reputation" whatever that is, i appreciate it!
  10. Damn man, that sounds one helluva day! I'm pretty jealous haha, but nice to see a legit post rather than FredTheNunKings /threads.

  11. Uh Evel Knievel is dead.

  12. haha its funny cause Fred posted right above you :D
  13. Attached Files:

  14. Karma bro. You made a dude real happy and then a cop let you go. Nice story man!
  15. sick story, its cool u hooked him up.... karma is a bitch sometimes but it can really pull through when you least expect =]. maybe he will let ya drive again some day.
  16. I expected the ending to be bad in some way, glad everything turned out alright and THIS is one story on gc that doesn't end with a sore ass and a headache.
  17. Nice to read a good story with a happy ending now and again thx for sharing!

  18. Hahaha yeah that is what one looks like after about $100k of aftermarket parts. Alot of the other cars in the link are what a stock one looks like.

  19. glad you guys are enjoying this story as much as i do! and his car wasn't stock either, i don't know everything about cars but i know enough to know that he had at least 100k of aftermarket parts too :p

    and again thanks for the rep everyone, i'm happy to tell a real story instead of reading some bs troll!

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