Crazy Day, but turned out ok

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dankykush, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. Well, my day started out really boring becuase i was dry and my car was in the shop. My boy comes and picks me up and we go to my other friends house. We are there for like 2 hours watching tv or on the computer waiting for a dealer to pick up. Finally, i get my car back and take my friends to get food. While we are getting food i get a call from one of my other friends saying "Did you need bud" im like fuck yea. He starts acting as the middle man and i can hear the other dudes voice saying "what does he want, tell him i got sour diesel, purple haze, and blue dot, and i can hook any of that up 60$ an 8th. Im like damn that is not a bad price for that bomb ass dank. Then he says you know what let me meet you over at del taco (where i was) He pulls up, looks like a nice guy, dressed nicely, nice car. He says "Hop in, theres a cannibus club like 15 minutes away, ill take you there and get you whatever you want" Well after some talking he convinced me to go. We are on the freeway and he pulls out his piece and a little jar of a bunch of different kind of dank. He goes "This is purple haze, some purple erkel, some sour diesel, some sour diesel crossed with og, some hash dipped sour diesel. I was in heaven. He packed a bowl of every single type of bud into one bowl. When i lit the bowl it made an oozing black liquid out of parts of the bud, and it tasted so bomb. Next rip, the bowl catches on FIRE!! I've never seen any of this so i was kinda trippin so im trying to put it out with my finger burning myself and shit and he goes blow it out blow it out. We finally get to the club and he says give me the money and ill get you bomb shit (we talked about what i wanted on the way) Mind you guys im lit as fuck, and have to be at work in 15 minutes when my work is 30 minutes away. He gets back and we start we are driving he shows me what he got. Pulls out a legit cannibus club bag of a fat straight purple nug of purple haze. Omg the best smell ive ever smelled. He said it was an 8th nug. Then he pulls out a gram of blue dot, and a gram of sour diesel. I gave him 100$ so i don't think it was that bad of a deal. He said that that club taxes and if i want to go to a better place we'd need the whole day. Well this guy was very chill, and when i get back into town, i met up with my friends that sat at del taco and waited for me lol, and we went to my work, sat outside it and hotboxed my friends truck with these new bombies. Guys, this is the best bud i have ever smoked, it was so bomb on the throat and tasted so delicious. The high was unbelievable too. I believe one of the strains was an indica and one was a sativa so i was set for work haha. The cleanest and clearest thinking ive ever had, my eyes werent droopy at all but RED RED RED RED. I needed like 5 drops of roto per eye. Interesting day lol. Pics coming laterr tonight
  2. Wow...Im speechless, you got ripped off and your lovin it :eek:
  3. lol ya those prices are alitlle bit high but im guessing your in the good ol USA and weed prices are always like that. Congrats on the nice buds though

  4. The CC prolly sells it at $50 an 1/8 and $100 a 1/4 so the dude wanted to make a little cash. And Id love to try some of that weed dipped in hash(assuming you meant hash oil)
  5. So what I really wanna see is some pictures...
  6. thats not horrible price... for cannabis club quality? headie strains? he ended up with 5.5g total, for $100... thats like 20/g... so yah... people pay 20/g for headie stuff.. this kid just didnt get any discounted price... i dunno if id paid for it.. but if he likes it, thats a legit priccce!

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